I would like to introduce…

Madeleine Luciana who is thriving and we are more in love than thought possible! I promise more later but am dealing with my mom who arrived on Friday, trying to figure out a new routine of a 3 hour pump schedule to get my milk to come in, NICU visits and trying to get some semblance of life caught up on at home.

I can’t wait to post her incredibly fast birth story – she was ready!! And to share how she is thriving in the NICU. We start kangaroo care today, if she continued to do as well overnight as she has been doing!

Will post more as soon as possible!! I think of you and the strength that you all have and continue to give me, often!!



23 thoughts on “I would like to introduce…

  1. What a gorgeous name and even more adorable little face!! Can’t wait believe it, congrats again and again. I’m so happy for you and your new family.

    I’ll scan up the PPT tomorrow morning when I get into the office and email it to you ASAP. I hope it helps and be patient. Some women’s milk doesn’t come in for a while, especially when you’re primarily using a pump. I hope everything gets going soon as possible and you can bring your sweet girl home. Xoxo

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