Day 13 Bed Rest in Hospital: Things Always Get Better

Thankfully, no matter how down one feels the next day is always (almost) a better day!  Today was a much better day for me.  I got a really good night’s sleep and my morning monitoring was fine.  Roo’s heart rate was behaving, my contractions were non-existent or very minimal.  I took a shower, the nurse put fresh sheets on my bed.  It was a good morning!

A friend, Sandy, came to visit with her little daughter.  It was a highlight of my day.  They brought me a pasta salad that MH and I will have for dinner, a super cute onesie for Roo to wear when she gets a little bigger and best of all some rice crispy treats – my favorite 🙂  I loved having them visit.

This morning one of the 10 perinatologists came to visit me and said it is time for MH and I to start thinking about our delivery plan.  He said that the standard of care is to deliver PROM patients between 34 and 36 weeks.  He said many hospitals deliver automatically at 34 weeks and some allow their patients to wait until 36 weeks but this hospital prefers to go middle of the road at 35 weeks.  I told him that we were aiming for 35 weeks and wanted to stick with it.  He then asked which day we would like to induce labor as my turnover day to 35 weeks falls on a Saturday – we could choose Friday or Monday.  We just need to tell him before next Monday.  MH and I will talk about it tonight but I have my preference based on a conversation I had with my brother and sister-in-law who are physicians.  I’ll share with you which we choose once the decision is made.  Whatever the decision is…Roo will NOT be a spring baby!  She is going to be a summer baby with summer officially here!

I spent the last two days shopping online and buying everything that we need that I can think of that I’m missing.  My poor credit card is probably wondering what is going on but we need these things!  It’s kind of exciting.  I purchased:

Crib mattress: one of the Naturepedic Organic mattresses (the lightweight one)
Changing pad: Naturepedic organic with the organic changing pad cover
Crib Sheet savers (3 sets)
Ultimate Crib Sheets (3 sets)
Dust Ruffle for Roo’s crib
UppaBaby Cruz Infant Insert
Ergo carrier – I realize that I might not be able to use it for a while but I want to be ready
Luna Lullaby Nursing Pillow
Nursing stool
Car seat protector – something that sits between our leather seats and the car seat preserving the leather seats
Night light
Nipple cream
Nursing pads (some washable cotton ones that a friend recommended) – I also have a box of disposable Medela ones
Diaper rash cream that is cloth diaper friendly so when I switch from preemie diapers to the newborn cloth diapers I can keep using it (if necessary) – Weleda
Maxi pads for post-partum bleeding
I found a super cute one piece preemie outfit online that I think would be cute for her take-home outfit; I decided to buy one that we can keep since I’ll need to return the majority of the ones that people are loaning us (THANK YOU!)

I’m overwhelmed thinking about these things but at least I got a lot of it using my completion discount (I went in and changed the due date from August to June).  A friend was telling me how much it costs for a three-day stay here out-of-pocket and I was astonished at how much it is – $35,000 for the three days with a vaginal delivery.  I’ve been avoiding thinking about what our bills will be.  Thank goodness we have good insurance.  We have a high deductible but at least once we got through that the rest should be covered – I’m sure we blew through our deductible the first two days that we were here along with the ambulance ride!

The best news from today – other than Sandy and her baby girl visiting – is that MH gets to take me outside for a 30 minute wheelchair ride!!  I can’t wait!  It is sunny and as it is the summer solstice today it should be sunny out for a long time!!!

So, yes!  Things always get better.  I know that there may be some more dark days ahead but at least I can find comfort in your support as well as the knowledge that the next day is more than likely going be better!

Happy summer solstice!!



3 thoughts on “Day 13 Bed Rest in Hospital: Things Always Get Better

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my ergo!! Make sure you get the infant insert. Theo doesn’t need the outside part but he likes the little butt pad. I wear him everywhere and even at 18lbs it doesn’t hurt my back at all. And I’m little like you. Your whole list looks good. It’s intimidating thinking of all that you need and even after I am contantly thinking of stuff that I had no idea were needed. Like baby sunglasses?? It’s sunny here and his poor little blue eyes.

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