Confirming my choice to use cloth diapers

I’ve learned that once your water breaks in a situation like mine, where Roo stays inside, she/my body continues to make amniotic fluid.  The levels will never reach 100% again because they’ve been broken and therefore I’m like a tire with a slow leak…it sucks and is uncomfortable. It feels like I’m peeing myself 24 hours a day and I have no control of my bladder, except I do have control of my bladder just not my slow leak of amniotic fluid.  I either wear this huge pad that they have stocked me up with or I sit on a bed pad.  With either one, my bum is wet/damp almost all the time.  I’ve developed essentially diaper rash and it SUCKS! I seriously could cry about it and I understand why babies cry when they have it.  They’ve given me some hydrocortisone cream to help relieve the itch and uncomfortableness but because I continue to leak, I think the effectiveness isn’t truly there.

That said, I am now 100% convinced that putting Roo in cloth diapers is the way to go.  These HUGE sanitary pads are probably pretty similar to disposable diapers.  There’s a lining that whisks away the dampness but it is filled with chemicals that are irritating my body.  I imagine that is what happens to a baby and the cause of many a diaper rash.  Now, there was no doubt that we were going to cloth diaper Roo but it is just validation of my decision!

Hopefully, you’ve taken away two bits of info:

1) Who knew that your body is constantly producing amniotic fluid?!  I sure didn’t until now!

2) If you ever needed to be convinced about cloth diapers and the benefit to your baby’s bum, just wear pads and leak fluid for six days straight and you’ll never want your baby to be in disposable diapers!  It is punishment 😉  No judging here by the way if you aren’t interested or can’t!!  Just my opinion!

Otherwise, all is well.  Roo’s heart rate looked great and I had no contractions during this morning’s monitoring.

**Side note, I decided not to ask for constant monitoring because it just makes me anxious. I’m trusting that the doctors and nurses know what they’re doing and they’re looking out for our best interests and that constant monitoring is not necessary.  I also think Roo doesn’t like it as she is very active during it and calms down once its over, so I’d rather have her calm.  I get extra nervous and anxious when I’m being monitored, which I think isn’t good for me either….if something changes, I will ask for it.  I’ve also seen the staff leave me on for longer when they are concerned, so I know they are watching carefully!  Thanks for the advice and concern!

8 thoughts on “Confirming my choice to use cloth diapers

  1. I totally agree about cloth! We switched our baby at 10 days old, as soon as he was big enough to fit the cloth. He had bad diaper rash and since switching has gone almost 5 weeks with no diaper rash! I’ve been meaning to write a CD post, you’ve inspired me to get on it !

  2. Wow I didn’t know that you still produce the fluid! Now that explains how your water can break but the baby can still be inside safely.

    I am constantly leaking fluid, like a slow leak. I have lots and lots of discharge all the time, kind of watery (my doctor checked it out, it’s normal). I’m not leaking as much as you but I have to change my pantyliner 3x daily or else I too get what is essentially diaper rash. I agree – I would definitely attempt to cloth diaper if I were only having one baby and had easy access to a washer/dryer! I’d even try it with my twins if we had washer/dryer in our apartment! It’s really not great to do it with a shared w/d, and the cloth diaper laundering services are waaayyyy expensive, so it looks like it is out of our reach for now.

  3. Amniotic fluid is essentially baby pee – so yep, it is constantly being produced as the baby is constantly peeing!

    I considered cloth diapering until I found out I was having twins – the insanity of it all for two just didn’t allow that to work. So I’m trying to do my best to do other things to offset the environmental impact (will make my own purees / baby food, I baby wear, etc…).

  4. I too hope to manage cloth diapering, partly for the same reason. I know several babies who had less diaper rash and it is cheaper (and more environmentally friendly). Another thing that is done here in Finland that helps reduce diaper rash is the rinsing of baby bottoms under water in the sink instead of using diaper wipes. Diaper wipes also have harsh and drying agents in them.

  5. What good “research” you’ve done 😉 I plan on using cloth as well, glad to get confirmation from an adult that that disposables are irritating!

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