2 thoughts on “Holy Moley

  1. Aw that’s very exciting (even though you already are a mama) she will be in your arms and it’s honestly such an amazing feeling.
    One piece of advice that I wish I had done is, after she’s born (if you are able to) spend some time just the three of you together before you allow anyone in the room (family, friends). Theo had to be taken right away after he was born as he was limp, due to the extremely fast delivery and my husbands parents were waiting outside wanting to come in. I wish after they gave him to me that we just spent that time alone with each other.

    I just felt bad as it was 230am and they were tired and wanted to see him. But if I could go back and do it all over again I honestly wish it was just us three for that night and visitors could have waited till the next day when we were all rested.

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