Day 5 Hospital Bed Rest: 32w3d All is Quiet

After yesterday’s craziness, today is quiet and I welcome it.  After about 11am, things quieted down and I enjoyed the company of two different friends who stopped by: one who lives here and one who is from SF and was up here on a very brief work trip and took time out of her schedule to see me!  It was great.

I had a good quiet night and woke up to a contraction this morning but not until 6am.  When I was put on the monitor this morning all was quiet and good.  Roo’s little heart beat was trotting away like the race horse she sounds like on the monitor!  There were no red flags raised today.

After my monitoring, I was told to expect someone to take me to get an ultrasound – I was so excited because it meant that I got to leave my room!  I haven’t been outside of my room for 48 hours since we were moved into this space.  Woohoo!  A field trip!

While I was waiting for my ultrasound, a volunteer came by and offered to teach me how to knit.  It was fun.  I’d knitted before but it has been years so it was nice to have a refresher and they gave me a set of needles and some wool.  The woman was super nice and very fun to talk to as well.  In the middle of my lesson, the hospital chaplain came by.  I was a little taken aback because I didn’t realize that I needed a chaplain but she explained that she provides counseling for all patients who are here on a long-term basis.  I asked her to return at a different time.  Not sure that I need her but who knows, I might!

The ultrasound was fun.  It turns out I will get them on Tuesdays and Fridays while I am here.  They measured the amount of fluid remaining: 10 is for a healthy pregnancy with no water broken.  I have a measurement of about 4.  She is growing well too.  She’s still small but because I’m such a petite person, I’m not surprised or concerned and the doctors don’t seem too concerned either.

One of the attending OBs came by and said that if I deliver at 35 weeks, there is a 50/50 chance that Roo would be able to go home with us.  She said not to count on it and that Roo would have to be very healthy but there is a chance!  That made me happy!  I’m not going to count on it but that knowledge is nice to have tucked in the back of my brain.

Otherwise, all is quiet here.  I’ve been knitting, talking on the phone and just trying to stay relaxed and quiet!  Tomorrow, I’ll go to the antepartum support group and meet some of the other moms and I’ll go on a tour of the NICU so I know what to expect.  I’ll update again tomorrow afternoon!

Thanks for the ongoing support and blog love!!



4 thoughts on “Day 5 Hospital Bed Rest: 32w3d All is Quiet

  1. So happy to hear all is quiet!! I will be keeping you in my prayers that all stays that way as long as possible. And how great to be re-visiting knitting during this time- that is always something I’ve wanted to learn to do!

  2. It’s so amazing to me that even after your water broke you are able to keep her safe inside! And I’m so glad to hear today was uneventful. i hope tomorrow is just the same.

  3. If you’re knitting you should join – which has an awesome knitting community and patterns and stuff like that. And listen to ebooks at the same time – might help pass the hours!

    • Oh yes! Someone told me about this site. But, my knitting skills are so unskilled that I’ll stick with a long rectangular scarf for now:)

      Welcome to my blog! Thanks for reading and sending you lots of good wishes in your journey!

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