Contractions contract

I need to strike a deal with my body. No more contractions until June 30!!!

This morning I woke up to contractions that I can feel. The past few days, I haven’t felt them except one or two. This morning I’ve felt every single one. They aren’t painful just a lot of pressure. Argh!

I’m hooked up to the monitors and they put an IV back into me. They checked my cervix (speculum check no hands), still closed yay!, and did an ultrasound. Very little amniotic fluid left but she is still head down, which is good news.

I pray that today is NOT the day for Roo to be born.

I’m sending MH to work and a friend is coming to sit with me this morning.

Doc came in and I’m going onto antibiotics for strep b, just in case.

Well, for those of you curious about what early contractions feel like: I get a sense of pressure at the bottom of my uterus accompanied by a “rush” of something I can’t explain. They are uncomfortable but not yet painful. My belly also tightens.

The doc said they are not strong contractions. She said if my belly felt like the hardness of my forehead that is a strong contraction. These lighter ones are the firmness of the end of my nose. When I’m not contracting, my belly feels more like my cheek. I thought she had a good description.

Anyway, enough for now. Thanks again for listening and helping me pass some time!

5 thoughts on “Contractions contract

  1. So, perhaps you’ll find this comforting. I’ve felt every single one of my Braxton Hicks contractions since 22 weeks and they ALL feel like my forehead. They are not painful, but I can definitely feel them and my uterus gets as hard as a rock and they still have not done a thing to my cervix (as far as I know!). When others say they can’t feel their Braxton Hicks I’m in awe! You can hold out hope that even strong contractions won’t change your cervix =)

    Good luck!

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