Rambunctious Roo

Roo had us a big scare last night. I was being monitored and suddenly her heart rate decelerated rapidly. The nurse rushed in and started moving me into different positions and plugged me back into the IV with fluids at full force. Everything worked and her heart rate went back up and stayed up for another couple of hours. Thankfully. I’m tired of these scares.

MH climbed into bed with me, a challenge to snuggle in a hospital bed! It was nice to be held and I’m so glad that he is here with me.

Apparently when there is low fluid it is easier for babies to roll onto their umbilical cords and that causes their heart rates to change drastically. I’m anxiously awaiting to be monitors again to make sure everything is still ok in there!

Roo, stop being so rambunctious in there! We want you to stay inside for longer and then come out and be the gymnast or soccer player or iron chef that you want to be!! I love you so very much, Roo! More and more every day.

Will update later after we talk to doctor again!!

4 thoughts on “Rambunctious Roo

    • No, just three times a day. I’ll ask them about it for sure. Thanks!

      I’ve been reading your NICU blog and have been brought to tears a number of times. But, it is so inspiring and inspirational for me. Thank you!

  1. Hi,
    Just now reading about all the commotion that’s been going on. Sounds like all is going well, considering. Wish I was in Seattle and could come visit! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hang in there…will be thinking about you and Roo and cheering you on to 35 weeks.

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