Day 3 Hospital Bedrest: Update on Deceleration in Heart Rate

After last night’s scare with Roo’s heart rate decelerating so quickly, I was very anxious to speak with the high risk OB and get monitored again this morning.

Apparently, they didn’t seem as concerned as I was (of course).  Before I say anything more I want to say that I’m very pleased with the care that we are getting and the team who has been assigned to us.  We are lucky to be in a hospital with a highly rated team and I know that I need to trust that they have our best interest in mind.  I’m also not afraid to speak my mind and ask questions over and over again as needed.

Ok, back to the topic.  The doctor said that Roo’s heart deceleration was the cause of her laying on her umbilical cord.  It is a common occurrence in babies at this stage because they are more and more active as they mature but because there is not a lot of fluid since my water broke when they roll on the cord, it cuts off the blood flow and therefore lowers the heart rate.  She said that if the heart rate didn’t go back up or it was happening multiple times during the two hours of monitoring after the deceleration that they would have done a “crash c-section” and taken her out.  However, they feel that with the additional monitoring that she was doing great.

I have been monitored twice today so far for extended periods of time and there have been no incidence with Roo.  I on the other hand have been having more frequent contractions though I’m still not feeling them.  They aren’t concerned about them and said they won’t be until I start to complain about the pain.  So far no pain!!

We are still aiming for June 30 or 35 weeks!!!

In other news, we have been moved into our “permanent” room here at the hospital.  I’ve been signed up to participate in the knitting group (I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit) and the antepartum moms group, which meets on Wednesday.  That group is a meeting of other moms in the ward who are in the same position as we are – it’ll be nice to meet others who are going through this with me.  There is also someone who comes into give pre-natal massages and mani/pedis.  I’m excited 🙂

I’m not sure I’ve ever given you the medical term of what happened to me.  The term is called pregnancy premature rupture of membranes (pPROM).  It apparently is more common than I would have know and I guess I never got far enough in my books to learn about it.  Now, if you hear about PROM in pregnancy you know what it is.  I had NO idea that this should be a concern of mine.

MH went home for the second time since we’ve been here.  We left so quickly the other night and never imagined that we wouldn’t be back home that I didn’t pack a bag of ANYTHING.  So, I sent him home with a list of a few things.  I can’t wait for him to get back so that I can take a shower and wash my hair.  It’s been a few days and I look like a mess.  MH’s boss came by today and dropped off lunch and I was embarrassed that I look so horrible – no make-up, no shower since Wednesday and my hair is a bird’s nest.  Agh!

I’m starting to settle into the idea that this is a very good thing for us.  We need to stay here and Roo will be fine!

The one thing that I do realize is that if we were still in San Francisco or back on the East Coast that we would be supported tremendously by family and friends.  But being new in this city is an entirely different challenge.  We aren’t able to have that support.  Luckily, the support that we are getting from our new friends is better than none and I’m grateful!

I’m also grateful for your support and encouragement.



7 thoughts on “Day 3 Hospital Bedrest: Update on Deceleration in Heart Rate

  1. I loved the weekly antepartum group meetings when I was in the hospital! It definitely made those 11 weeks pass more quickly. I am glad you have that to look forward to, and I’m jealous of the mani/pedis! Still sending lots of positive vibes your way =)

  2. Great to hear you’re getting such great care! (As it should be.) That’s so cool that they have knitting groups and other things for you to do while there. And what a great opportunity to meet others who are going through the same as you. Hang in there Roo!

  3. Oh, how scary! Thank goodness everything is looking good now! Prayers that things go as smoothly as possible! That’s great that you have groups and things to keep you busy!! How cool! Keep hanging in there, girl! You have a great attitude! Hugs!

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