Day 2: Hospital Bedrest

Well, we “survived” the first 24 critical hours after my water broke.  As you can imagine, yesterday was a VERY emotional day.  I cried more than I have in years but I am feeling 100% much better today.

Last night was a rough night.  We had been placed in a labor and delivery room when we first arrived and had a KICK ASS nurse!  Her shift ended at 8pm and the nurse who replaced her was nice but not as great.  The first thing she told us was that we were being moved and we needed to pack up our things.  So we did and then we waited and it wasn’t until 11pm that we got moved.  I was EXHAUSTED since I had been awake since my water broke and all I wanted to do was go to sleep.

After moving, I thought that we’d get to sleep the whole night (MH was given a full size cot to sleep on, which was nice).  Boy was I wrong.  At 2am, they needed to give me more antibiotics and check my vital signs and then they needed to wake me up again at 5:45am for my second steroid shot.  After then 2am antibiotics, we didn’t get to sleep right away again because the IV tower alarms when the medication is done and then we have to notify the nurse.  It was during the 25 minute wait for the IV meds to be done that I completely fell apart.  MH is seriously the best husband in the world.  He said all the right things.  He did all the right things and I can’t imagine going through this with anyone else.

This morning we met with two different doctors.  They both are optimistic that as long as we keep infection at bay and I don’t go into active labor that I will be able to stay here for a long time.  Their goal is to get me to 35 weeks, when I will deliver her.  I’m 32 weeks tomorrow, which means I only need Roo to hang in there for 3 more weeks.  Roo, we can do it!!!  It’ll be our first Mommy and Me adventure!

So, I wait. I seriously wish I had more friends here to help us.  But we don’t and so we are relying on the kindness of our few new friends and MH’s colleagues.  If any of you live in or around Seattle, let me know I would love some company!  Also, we will be in need of preemie clothes.  If you have any to donate or lend, I’ll pay for shipping to here and back, if you want them back.

THANK YOU ALL for your love and support yesterday.  It means the world to me!!!  I’ll keep you all posted!




10 thoughts on “Day 2: Hospital Bedrest

  1. I am so glad you are both ok! And you sound positive despite all the crazyness. Keep on that attitude and hoping/praying that you and Roo hang on for 3 more weeks!! If I was in Seattle (which I’ve visited a lot since my lil sister lives there), I’d totally visit! But let me know if you’d like some German goodies 😉 I’d love to send some, and I have a way-overdue visit to the post office!

  2. Somehow I missed this, but glad to hear you’re going well.Sounds like a rough 48 hrs but so glad they’re going to try & keep you “incubating” Roo! It’s great they’ve got the steroids in too. I’ve hit 30 weeks today which they never thought would happen. Thinking of you all, just stay calm calm, lots of relaxation, breathing & visualisation. You’re going to do great. Xx

  3. I’m so glad to read this update! I can only imagine all the emotions you must have been feeling – very overwhelming! You are a trooper! And your baby Roo is a strong little one!! I just know you guys will do great, and when Roo comes, she will be strong and healthy! ❤ xoxo Praying for you guys.

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