Update 2: In ambulance

Hi all,

In ambulance. Being transported to a different hospital where there is a neonatology ward. My water has broken and I’m 1 cm dilated.

I received a steroid shot to help Roo’s lungs and also magnesium sulfate to help something else (brain?) and to keep me from having contractions, which apparently I am having but am not feeling at all.

Sorry for so many updates but I want to remember everything!

Will update again in a bit once we speak with neonatologist.


10 thoughts on “Update 2: In ambulance

  1. I’m thinking of you! The mag sulfate is to try and stop labor but it also has shown to protect the baby’s brain. It is possible for you to stop labor and her to hang out for a while, even with a broken sac. I held out for 4 days until my daughter stuck her feet through my cervix and started labor again.

    You’re close to 32 weeks so your chances are good. Are you going to where they have a Level 3 NICU? I won’t lie and say it will be an easy road – but the technology and doctors they have now perform miracles. My son is still in the NICU almost 5 months later, but I’ve seen a lot of 32 weekers come and go and do really well. Let me know if I can help – I feel like a NICU nurse by now.

  2. Mag sulfate lowers risk of cerebral palsy significantly. It’s good you got that. Hope they can halt labour for you. Everything crossed & 10 hail Mary’s from Australia….

  3. I will be thinking of you all day until I hear more updates. I hope too keeps baking but if she decides to come early she will be just fine!!

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