In Serious Nesting Mode

This morning I couldn’t sleep in past 7am, so I came downstairs and went onto A.mazon and D.iapers and ordered all sorts of things we need for Roo.  My nesting is in full effect!

  • Nasal Aspirator – the one that you suck the end of and the boogers come out – sounds so disgusting but apparently works really well
  • Rectal Thermometer
  • Nail Scissors – I heard that while they sound more intimidating than nail clippers that scissors are actually easier to control and there are fewer nicks on your baby’s fingers (yikes!)
  • M.ustela Hair and Body Wash as well as Lotion – a friend uses this and her baby smells so yummy!
  • Nursing Pads from L.ansinoh – I got a small pack because there is much debate whether these or the M.edela ones are better, so I decided to try these ones first and if I don’t like them, I’ll try the other
  • B.ella B N.ipple Cream
  • Br.avado Silk Seamless Nursing Bra – I really need some new bras so I decided to go with a general sizing bra in hopes that it’ll fit once my milk comes in
  • Infant hair brush and comb set
  • Soothie pacifier by A.vent – I don’t know if we’ll use it but I decided that I’d rather have it and be prepared than not have it and wish that I did!

I really wanted to buy a night light but the one that I want is sold out so I need to wait for it to come in again.

I already have gotten the “big” gear and so I’m starting to focus on the little stuff!  This is actually fun!

One of those baby planning emails that I get told me a few weeks ago that I need to start packing my hospital bag.  WHAT?!  Already?  I’m not ready but I’ve started to think about it.  This morning, I also placed an order for non-slip socks for the hospital.  I think I’ve got the rest pretty much here at home (other than snacks for MH and post-partum granny pa.nties, which I need to go buy) and just need to choose a bag and put everything in it.

Of the “little” things that babies require, moms who’ve been there and done that, is there anything that I’m missing that I should purchase before Roo arrives?

Oh!  We ordered our glider yesterday.  I found an independent baby store in Bellevue and found a B.est Chair glider that is under $500 and comfortable for me.  I let MH choose the fabric that he liked the best so that he could feel a part of the process (not one that I would have chosen but it doesn’t really matter to me).  So, we have all of the major nursery items that Roo needs for her room.  We’ll make a final decision on which shade of lavender to paint her room today.  I got a call yesterday from the delivery company and Roo’s dresser/changing table arrives later this week.

It’s all coming together!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “In Serious Nesting Mode

  1. My mom is a pediatric nurse and rectal thermometers are no nos. Better to just use the armpit ones. You can puncture the inside of their bums super easily.
    Now for the hospital bag
    Super comfy clothes
    A housecoat (if you want to walk the halls)
    Hair elastics
    Snacks for you (unless you have an epidural most hospitals will allow you to eat a little)
    Going home outfit for you (remember you will look about 5 months pregnant and wearing lovely granny panties with the most giant pad you have ever seen)
    A couple outfits for baby (newborn size, 0-3month cause you don’t know what will fit)
    I didn’t cloth diaper right from the hospital and unless you have newborn diapers most likely one size diapers won’t fit
    Vaseline (put on babies butt and it will help get the stick poo off)
    Bathroom stuff (shampoo, body wash ext.)
    Husbands bathing shorts (in case he wants to get in the shower with you)
    Couple copies of your birth plan if you made one up

    I didn’t care to have my own pillow and blankets or towel because they might get all nasty

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