30 Week Update (wrote yesterday but didn’t publish for some reason)

We’ve moved!  The unpacking is going VERY slowly.  Being 30 weeks pregnant makes for a very slow lady.  I unpack one box and I’m exhausted.  I have to stop and take a break.  We are in love with our new house and are slowly getting used to living in a space that is twice as large as we are used to before.  We lived in a one bedroom apartment in San Francisco and then a two bedroom apartment in Seattle and now here we are with a four bedroom place in the ‘burbs!  It’s a lot of fun but will have some empty rooms for a while.

On the baby related front, we changed our minds about which room we will turn into Roo’s nursery.  It is one that is currently a green that is not a green that is attractive for a nursery.  Over the weekend we decided on either a pale green or pale lavender.  I think we’ll go with the lavender.  I love it and MH looked up the psychology of colors in nurseries and lavender is one that is highly recommended as a good nursery color!  I’m anxiously awaiting the delivery of our nursery furniture and can’t wait for it to arrive!  I’ll try to take some before and after photos of the nursery so that I can keep a record of this first project we tackle in our home!

I had an OB appointment this week and everything looked great!  My blood pressure was low the last time but this week it is back to normal.  My fundal measurement is on track with 30 weeks and the heartbeat sounds awesome.  We are down to single digit weeks – only 9 weeks to go (64 days)!  I can’t believe it.  This pregnancy is flying by and I’m so excited to meet Roo!

One of my biggest anxieties about delivering Roo is the pain management.  Ideally, I’d love to have a vaginal delivery with minimal pain medication but I also am open to knowing that I might not be able to handle the pain!  I have a high pain tolerance but this might be an entirely different level of pain than I can tolerate.  That said, I’m worried about the anesthesia and its effectiveness and side effects.  I’ve had some bad reactions to it in the past and so I raised my concerns with my OB.  She said that the delivery of anesthesia for an epidural are different from other types and so I may have zero problems.  She suggested that I request to speak with the anesthesiologist as soon as I arrive at the hospital – before my pain management needs kick in (if they kick in) so that I can have a coherent conversation with him/her.  Having the conversation with my OB helped a lot.  I feel better already and I’m so glad that she listened to my concerns, addressed them and had a suggestion to help.  I really LOVE her!

Apparently, some insurance companies offer coverage for breast pumps.  I decided to look into it with mine.  Apparently mine does cover a breast pump but it requires a doctor’s prescription and it is only for a manual pump.  Darn it!  That means I need to pay out-of-pocket because I want an electric pump.  It’s OK.  I’ll get over it.  Are you one of the lucky ladies who got their breast pump covered by insurance?  I’ll try to do a separate entry on how I am choosing which breast pump I want based on my lifestyle.

Happy weekend, friends!!

How far along? 30 weeks, 6 days
Total weight gain:
22 pounds since my first OB appointment – I lost .2 pounds since my last appointment
Maternity clothes? 
Yes and I really need to buy some new bras because my small boobs are popping out of my bras
Stretch marks? None, knock on wood with the help of lots of lotion
Sleep: Not too bad this week – just one night of bad sleep so far, knock wood
Best moment this week: Hearing Roo’s heart beating away!
Miss anything? Good sleep!!
Movement: YES – tons!
Food cravings: Nothing specific but anything sweet like fruit and candy!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope – but I do continue to have at least one gaggy moment a day
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out?  Almost all out
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and getting nervous about birth
Looking forward to: Roo’s arrival

7 thoughts on “30 Week Update (wrote yesterday but didn’t publish for some reason)

  1. In Canada my husbands insurense covered my pump up to 200$ so I got the medela swing electric because I don’t need to pump full time AND because fat boy is a boob snob he won’t even take a bottle I actually don’t need to pump at all. Oh well. Congrats on the new house!!

  2. Yay! Congrats on getting moved! That’s so exciting! Ugh, that would be rough unpacking and organizing while pregnant! Ooh, I think lavender sounds like a really nice color. I am so amazed that you’re almost to the end! I’m fearful of the pain too. I hope you get a good plan for that, and that it goes super smoothly for you!

  3. Congrats on your house so exciting! I am wanting to be in Seattle so bad lately…maybe wishing for it will make it so. Btw I’ve used the Medela pump and it has been wonderful. Can’t wait to see nursery pics!

  4. 28 weeks here and we just moved also. It’s definitely hard and exhausting work!

    I’m curious about the possible pain aspect of delivery, but I haven’t delved into it too far yet. I’m naively thinking I’ll be able to handle it all just fine..it’ll be a good pain (like a tattoo or piercing) as opposed to a bad pain (paper cut or burn).

  5. I had no idea insurance could cover breast pumps, even in Canada! It’s not a huge deal though, as I just got the manual pump for now and my mom bought it for me for my baby shower. I chose manual because I’m not planning on pumping full time. We’ll just do the odd bottle now and then for my husband to feed the baby.

    I worry about pain intervention too. Ideally I’d like to do drug free (I have weird reactions to stuff too) but who knows what it’ll be like in the moment! We start our birthing classes tonight, so we’ll be talking about different options.

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