28 Week Update

Well, well, well!  Here we are at 28 weeks and 6 days.  Only 8 more weeks until Roo is considered full-term.  I’m so glad because I’m ready to be a Mama to Roo and I’m ready to hold her in my arms.

This week, I met a new friend from an online group that I somewhat actively participate in.  She lives about 45 minutes from our house in Seattle and has a 6 month old baby girl.  Her baby is so freaking adorable!  Something during that visit clicked in me and I came home just wanting Roo to arrive as quickly as possible.  Her baby girl, Clara, is the cutest thing ever (until Roo arrives) and snuggled with mew when I held her.  I was so excited because I felt like I learned a lot from my new friend.  She is a cloth diapering mom – not hardcore but enough that I felt like OK I can do it too.  She uses gDiapers with the cloth and flushable insert.  I had been thinking about gDiapers but she really turned me onto them.  The company offers a package for 6 of them for under $100, so it’s a great way to start and try them!  She also helped me realize that I need a low profile crib.  Clara’s nursery was adorable and I would be a crazy copy cat chick if I went out and bought everything that they had in her nursery so I won’t do it but I do really like the look and hope to have a nursery as cute as hers for Roo.

Seeing Clara’s low profile crib made me realize that I needed to cancel my adorable crib order and start over.  Reviewing the measurements of the sleigh crib that was to arrive in a couple of weeks, I know that when it comes time to drop the mattress, there would be NO way I could reach Roo without a step stool of some sort.  The crib is too large for me.  So, I’m starting my crib search over.  I think I’m sticking with PBK but will now go with the Kendall Low Profile crib – still in white.  The matching dresser doesn’t get very good reviews so I think I’ll try to find something different – plus it is quite expensive so I might get something completely different.  The only concern that I have is the white at PBK isn’t a pure white, so the crib might not match any other white furniture that I purchase for her room.  What would you do?  Ignore the fact that the whites don’t match 100%?

So, I realize that I just wrote a lot about nothing relating to being 28 weeks.  Sorry!  But, I also realize that it somewhat does relate to being 28 weeks pregnant.  Roo coming into our lives is a reality and preparing for her arrival is important.  It is funny because I never imagined that I would have a nesting instinct and here I am today.  Nesting like crazy!  It must be the hormones.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll share my search for a cost-effective but safe organic crib mattress.  The ongoing search for the “right” glider/rocker, etc.  How I’m building and growing my cloth diaper stash (so far I have 12 cloth diapers).  And so much more fun but might be boring for you.

Today, I packed two boxes.  One of some clothes and another of some of Roo’s baby things that we’ve accumulated.  Yesterday wore me out.   I only got about 3 hours of sleep the night before and went to work at PB for four hours.  Then we went and signed the paperwork for our house and I had zero down time.  This morning I couldn’t get out of bed.  I wasted about 5 hours napping and watching TV – The Borgias is a great series!  I forced myself to eat lunch and get some things done.  It’s been not a very productive day but I’m OK with it.

This afternoon I heard from a friend of mine, Beth, who is due a little more than one month before me with a baby girl.  She has been put on modified bed rest, so I’m sending her lots of good thoughts and hope that at her next appointment they will ease up on that bed rest!  Hi Beth!

How far along? 28 weeks, 6 days
Total weight gain:
22 pounds since my first OB appointment – well there goes my goal of only gaining 25 pounds during the whole pregnancy!
Maternity clothes? 
Stretch marks? None, knock on wood
Sleep: Terrible this week – one night I only got 3 hours of sleep – Roo was kicking me all night and I just wasn’t tired
Best moment this week: Finding out that I passed the one hour glucose test!
Miss anything? Charcuterie and cheese plate!
Movement: YES – tons!  I’ve been asked to start doing kick counts each day to make sure Roo is doing OK – I don’t have to worry because she kicks me almost all day long unless she’s napping
Food cravings: Nothing specific
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope – but I do continue to have at least one gaggy moment a day
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out?  Half is out and other half is still flat
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and getting nervous about birth
Looking forward to: Roo’s arrival

5 thoughts on “28 Week Update

  1. I love seeing that beautiful bump! You look great! 😀
    That’s so cool that you have a friend with a new baby for advice! I look forward to reading about everything. I hope figure out the furniture! I think it would still look really nice even if it’s not 100% matching.
    Sending good thoughts to Beth!

  2. Your bump is so cute!!! Glad you passed the glucose test. And re: the crib, I don’t think all the whites have to match perfectly, but maybe that’s just me.
    Love that you call your baby Roo…too cute!

  3. I have a white crib and off white dresser. I’m not a fan. I will probably paint it white as everything else in the room is white

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