Music for Labor and Delivery

I’m thinking I might want some music for labor and delivery.  I know that Roo’s birth is still some time away but I’ve started to think about how I want my birthing experience to be as this might be the one and only time that I give birth.

I love music.  I just am terrible knowing the names of songs and the artists who sing those songs.  I also make up my own lyrics because I think those are the lyrics but then MH laughs and tells me that I’m way off.  And, when I really listen, he’s right.  I’m way off on the lyrics!

If you’ve had a baby or are also getting ready to give birth, do you have a labor and delivery playlist on your iPod?  I would love to know what is on your playlist and get some idea of what is good listening for labor and delivery!

Should I have music that calms and relaxes me or should I have music that motivates and pumps me up?

2 thoughts on “Music for Labor and Delivery

  1. Ugh, I’ve thought about this quite a lot and I think my husband is going to have to be in charge of it because I’ll never do it. Yes, I def want a playlist is my short answer but have no idea how to go about picking out the tunes! And I would definitely say you want calm and relaxing the mood should always stay calm even when you’re trying to push the kid out!

  2. I had wanted to listen to music but ya, didn’t end up happening. Especially while I was pushing and the dr were talking telling you to push or to slow down I wouldn’t have been able to hear it anyways. While in labor too I was in way to much pain (might be because I was induced and wow that was crappy). I think if you have a calmer labor or at least in early labor the music would be nice. I just know for how my labor and delivery was I wouldn’t have been helpful. My iPhone on the other hand INVALUABLE!!

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