One Hour Glucose Test

Tomorrow is my one hour glucose test.  I was told that even though I don’t have to fast for it but that 24 hours before (today) I should avoid sugar and eat high protein meals.

For breakfast, I ate an egg with some toast followed by a yogurt.  For lunch, I had a bean, rice and cheese burrito with some strawberries and some cheese puffs (I know, not very healthy).  For dinner, I made a tuna nicoise salad.

I’m not hungry because our salads were so large but I REALLY want some of the ice cream that is in the freezer – mint chocolate chip.  Aaaaaah!!!!

Wish me luck that I pass tomorrow’s glucose test!  Then, I can eat ice cream without any concern 🙂

4 thoughts on “One Hour Glucose Test

  1. Good luck tomorrow! Make sure you bring a book or something to entertain you, because you really cannot do ANYTHING but sit there! When I took mine I wanted to step outside the door to paint my nails (haha, such silly concerns I had at the time…) and they said I had to stay in the office and just sit. I also remember the orange drink stuff being DELICIOUS, but then again, I love sweets. 🙂 Anyway, good luck!

  2. Oh good luck. Mine came back that my blood sugar was super low (explained a lot as I used to almost pass out if I didn’t eat every hour) but I was given the all clean to eat LOTS of sugar. I’m sure the dr meant healthy sugars but I ate nutella and chocolate covered granola bars like they were going out of style. (thankfully I only gained 25lbs though lol)

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