26 Week Bump Photo and Brief Update

I know I did an update at the beginning of the week so I’ll make this short and really focus on my bump pic:

Somewhere along this journey recently, my bump has grown.

Roo is getting stronger and bigger!  I’m loving it.  Though, yesterday, I noticed that Roo wasn’t moving much and it made me nervous.  I called the doctor since I hadn’t felt her all day since the night before.  The nurse had me lay down and drink some juice and sure enough Roo started to kick and move around though a lot lighter than usual.  Today, she’s back to her usual self kicking quite hard and having a ball in there 🙂

I tried on some maternity clothes at H&M yesterday and got really frustrated.  I’m clearly not the same size anymore.  I thought that the sizing guidelines were to try on maternity clothes in the same size as when not pregnant.  Well, I’ve either gained a lot of weight or my body has taken on a whole new shape (ha ha clearly!).  I got frustrated and need to try again another day.  I think that I need to go up a size.  Did this happen to anyone else too or is it just my crazy body?

This week I learned that a friend/former grad school classmate of mine is also pregnant and due with a baby girl on August 8.  This now brings the total for August babies in my circle of friends to five, including Roo.  I wonder what was going on in November!  I’m the only one who struggled to get pregnant and had a loss.  I’m so happy for everyone else though in spite of how easy it was for them including one new friend and wasn’t planning on this pregnancy – she has twin boys who are six years old.  Only one of these friends know how much I struggled.

Anyway, I know that several of you, dear readers, are currently undergoing treatment with medicated IUI or IVF cycles and I’m praying and hoping that this cycle is the one that leads you to a successful pregnancy!  I’m cheering you on 🙂

3 thoughts on “26 Week Bump Photo and Brief Update

  1. What a beautiful bump!! I love it! That sucks your body is changing so much. I know several pregnant ladies who are dealing with that, and it’s not easy. I had never really thought about that before. You look very beautiful to me though! I’m glad Roo is getting bigger and moving around more! It would probably scare me too if I didn’t feel anything. So glad you have some friends to go through the experience with!

  2. You got much farther than I did at H&M. I looked at the clothes and just left. I haven’t been back. Although, I have purchased some 2nd hand pants, which happen to be H&M and I love them. Stretchy!!

    I love your bump! Mine is slowly starting to look like that and I love it. Although, changing body shape sure is something new.

  3. Ya, I tried on some size L pants my sister gave me the other day, thinking there’s NO WAY they’ll fit until I’m much further along, but fit they did! Kind of depressing. I haven’t been a large since I was 13 years old and a bit chubby! I have (or had) literally been the same weight since high school when I got pregnant.
    Oh, and as for movement, my LO is quiet some days and playing whack a mole on others! I read that they’re just like us, and have their up and down days 🙂 That gave me comfort.

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