Nursery – Furniture Order

We’ve made a decision on two major components of Roo’s nursery!  I’ll place my order today at Pottery Barn Kids – I’m taking advantage of a sale that is currently in progress – fingers crossed that the sale is still on when I place the order 🙂

We’re going with white furniture.  I had originally fallen in love with the Jenny Lind crib but I decided that I wanted something a little sturdier and could last until Roo is older and/or we have a second child, if we’re lucky.  So, we’re getting the PBK Sleigh Crib:

We’re also going to get the PBK Catalina dresser with changing table topper:

A glider is the last major piece of furniture that we’ll need to choose and I’m narrowing that down soon.  Part of my hesitation to make a decision has to do with not knowing entirely what color the nursery will be.  We have three rooms to choose from in our new house and each are different colors.  All three would work as a nursery and have good nursery colors but I’m just not sure which we will choose – MH has a different idea in his head than I do 🙂

I like the PBK gliders but I feel like the reviews are mediocre for the cost and so I’ve been researching some other options.  My favorite thus far is from a website called  Has anyone heard of this website?  They have some really gorgeous furniture!  The reviews of their gliders are positive on other websites and I’ve heard that customer service is good but there are no real customer reviews on the actual website, so I’m going on pure trust.  Each piece of furniture is made to order so they are not returnable – yikes!  This is the exact glider (Regal Glider) that I’m loving right now:

Do you have a glider in mind or do you already own a glider that you love?

You probably notice that I am not looking at a matching ottoman.  I’ve read that ottoman’s can be a waste of money and that instead I should get a nursing stool, which are around $40.  So I’m doing that and will get the matching ottoman down the road if I change my mind.

3 thoughts on “Nursery – Furniture Order

  1. I really hate the way most gliders look. They look like gliders, not furniture, and once you don’t need them anymore if you put them in your livingroom it is obvious that it is a glider from a nursery. However, the gliders I like are around $700 and that is just out of our budget! So I might end up with an ugly glider, and when we’re done we will sell it or something.

    I’m not sure the point of the matching ottoman. If the ottoman also moves, doesn’t that make it hard to get the right amount of rocking? I think I’d rather have a stationary ottoman.

  2. I love that glider. I spend most of the time in the living room and even though we put my glider in the living room I never use it… Not sure why. Maybe if I had theo in his own room and fed him in there I would but he sleeps in our room and in the middle of the night I just bring him to the couch to feed. Mine isn’t nearly as nice as that one though.
    You will want something for your feet but a nursing stool would work great

  3. I’m loving the Shermag glider rocker they sell at Babies R Us (at least they do here in Canada). We’ve both sat in it and find it comfy and it’s also attractive (we’re going to get the chocolate brown, which will blend nicely with the pinks and greens of the nursery and then blend with the rest of our furniture later on)! What’s important for me is a) to be able to rest my head back without it bending too much (I get tension headaches quite easily in my neck), b) for it to have comfy arms to rest on while rocking the baby/nursing (though I am going to get a nursing pillow) and c) not break the bank. This one is only $399!
    Love your furniture choices!

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