Hello, Hello!

Since I last updated, I’ve been to the East Coast and back!  I was gone for five days and part of me feels like it wasn’t long enough and the other part of me feels like I couldn’t get home fast enough to MH.

I left on Wednesday and was lucky to have gotten a first class ticket for the way to DC.  My OB recommended upgrading myself, if possible, and I got lucky!  MH bought me a pair of compression socks to wear on the long flight.  Even though I had those two comforts, flying was still uncomfortable.  I got up several times and walked the entire length of the plane to keep my blood circulating and muscles stretched out.  After flying this time, I confirmed that this is my last flight until after Roo is born.  I think she liked it though – she kicked during take off and landing!  On my way home, I wasn’t in first class 😦

My dad was in town and we spent some really good quality time together.  I saw some old friends and colleagues and even met a new friend – someone I met online following the loss of our first little one.  She is awesome and it’s so much fun to meet my online friends in real life!  I’m excited to see photos of her little girl, who is due to arrive about a month before Roo is due.  Hi Beth!

My high school girlfriends threw me a baby shower and it was so much fun!  It was low key and very much me.  In other words, there was good food, some fun games, time spent with friends (though not enough with each person because I felt like I needed to spend time with everyone), and some gorgeous presents!  Since they all realized that I was flying home with these items, I pretty much got a ton of clothes.  The outfits were so darn cute!  I can’t wait to put Roo in them.  Unfortunately, I’m going to have to exchange some of them (i.e., the ones with tags still on them) because they will be too big for Roo and/or it will be winter by the time she’d fit into them and they are summer clothes.  For some reason, some people cut the tags off – argh! – of some of the clothes so I’m stuck with them even though they won’t fit her because she’ll be too big for them next summer.  I had the best time and felt very loved!

Some really awesome friends, sent larger gifts directly to our home.  Very thoughtful and meant I also got some non-clothing presents, which is much appreciated and even more needed!  My mom is buying us our car seat (after we move) and she also got me the baby monitor that I registered for at BRU.

MH spent the weekend with friends in San Francisco.  We both had a nice time with our friends and thought of it kind of like a last hurrah as childless adults!  We know the next few months will be spent preparing our new home and the next chapter in our life with Roo!

My mom didn’t know that MH was going to SF, so she sent him a little package so he wouldn’t feel left out of the shower.  She bought him a “man” diaper bag along with some other guy-type baby stuff and an outfit for Roo that says something about her daddy being her hero!  He loved it!  It was truly an awesome gift!

4 thoughts on “Hello, Hello!

  1. Hey, you can always get rid of the stuff she won’t use through consignment stores. I know there’s quite a few in Seattle! I’ve used a few here in Vancouver and generally use the credit from stuff I’ve sold towards clothes I need. 🙂

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