Does it really matter?

Hey all,

I’m clearly in nesting mode.  I’ve decided to try and purchase a lot of “gear” gently used from Craig’s List, etc. to help save on costs since Roo will only use some of these things for just a couple of months and we’re moving and need a lot of things for the new house and for Roo!

One of those items is the bouncy chair, which always reminds me of the S.ex and the City episode where Samantha babysits Brady so Miranda can go get her hair done.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it.  It is hilarious and includes s/ex toys.

So my (first world) dilemma is this: there’s Fisher Price bouncy chair on CL that is being sold for $10.  It isn’t the exact style that I want: the FP rainforest one.  Instead, it has frogs and other outdoor creatures.  But, does it really matter?  Are they made so differently?  Does a baby truly like one more than another?!  Or, does everyone get the rainforest one because everyone they know got the rainforest one and I don’t have to be a sheep that jumps off the cliff just ’cause my other sheep friends jumped off the cliff.

Any insight is greatly appreciated!

5 thoughts on “Does it really matter?

  1. You could always get it and still keep an eye out for the rainforest one, and put this one back on Craigslist if need be.

    Get what *you* like! If that means being a sheep, at least you’re a happy sheep, right?

  2. I’m always happy to save a buck, so I’d for sure get the CL one you saw (and wash the fabric part thoroughly…)
    I feel like I spent SO MUCH money on my first on all the “stuff” that I thought we needed, but honestly, some of the stuff we didn’t even use! The bouncy chair, for example, she used only a few times and then preferred just laying on a blanket on the floor. So, I guess my vote is get the cheap one and perhaps invest in a better one if it’s getting enough use to warrant it?

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