Sophie the Giraffe

One of my readers asked about my decision to put Sophie the Giraffe, a VERY popular infant toy, on our baby registry.  Apparently there is controversy around Sophie, of which I was unaware.  I did some research and have come to a conclusion.

The controversy, if you aren’t aware, is that Sophie’s very long, thin giraffe legs have caused some babies to choke.  As a teething toy, the giraffe is made of 100% natural rubber, paint-free, toxic-free materials.  It is designed to stimulate all five senses in a baby.  Great, right?!

Except that the legs are so long and thin that a baby, who doesn’t know any better, puts any part into its mouth to chew and those long legs can fit down into the windpipe and block it.  One reviewer wrote that her baby had choked to the point he had turned blue before she noticed.  Other reviewers expressed similar experiences and concerns.  Clearly, a hazard.

My conclusion is this: I put it on my registry before I did my research and someone has already purchase it so there is nothing I can do about it now but if I choose to not exchange it, I will monitor Roo very closely when she is playing with it. 

Oddly, I did tons of research and review reading on everything I put on my registry EXCEPT for Sophie.  I think I did without the research because she is so highly popular and because all of my friends kids’ had one.  This clearly is the case of me being a sheep that jumps off the cliff just because all the other sheep did too.  My bad.

Thank you, dear reader, for pointing out this very concerning controversy!  I will consider very thoughtfully if I should exchange it for a different, safer teether or if I will just monitor Roo very closely.  I think I’ll consider returning Sophie for something less dangerous.

7 thoughts on “Sophie the Giraffe

  1. Wow, I never heard that either! All I know is that when my SIL opened Sophie at her shower, all the other moms gave it rave reviews. Hm. Definitely something to think about. Thanks for posting on this!

  2. I think if you research anything and hazard something is bound to come up. With ANY toy you should be always watching your child. Everyone I know has a Sophie and I have one (mind you my boy is 9 weeks and has no interest in toys yet). It’s important to do your research but don’t panic to much. Just always keep an eye on too and she I’ll be fine. Sophie’s are amazing toys. Much better than crappy plastic toys made in china!!!

    • Even though I’m not even pregnant yet, I have to agree. There will always be a naysayer about everything and its up to you as an individual to decide what is best for you. I have heard good things about it too and am sure Roo will love it!

  3. We have a Sophie (much much loved) and got it at about 4months (13mo now). He loves to put things in mouth (including trying to gag himself for fun) and has never put the legs more than a little bit in his mouth. The best parts to chew on (for relief and noise amusement) are the bits on the edges so I don’t really worry about it. Enjoy your Sophie and I hope Roo loves it one day.

  4. I know so many people with a Sophie and hadn’t given it a second thought until I started reading the reviews. My husband always reminds me that especially on Amazon you will have a small majority of people who just give something one star. But when I saw the number of people who had choking issues, I definitely gave it more thought. I appreciated reading your thoughts on Sophie. 🙂

  5. Huh. Who knew? I still have one on my registry, and actually they have a Sophie teething ring now I put on there as well which is nice for when they’re really wee. If anyone is really concerned, the same company puts out another teething toy, Cham-Pie-Gnon, a little mushroom.

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