I’ve been suffering a lot lately from allergies.  The trees and plants are in full bloom as the weather in Seattle has been gorgeous for the past few days.  It’s horrible to say but I welcome today’s overcast and slightly drizzly weather in hope that the pollen will dissipate.  Before trying to conceive, I took an allergy pill on a daily basis.  Then we started TTC and I read that taking allergy meds dry up everything in your body including the crucial cervical mucus needed for TTC, so I stopped and haven’t taken any since.  In San Francisco, it wasn’t a problem.  I had very few allergies there but Seattle is a completely different story.

Those of you who are allergy sufferers understand how terrible it is.  I get terribly itchy, red eyes.  I sneeze constantly with my nose dripping almost non-stop.  I get very lethargic.  It’s awful.  I just want to sleep it away.  My face is now puffy and bloated from the allergies.  I’ve taken a half of a Benadryl at night to help me sleep as that is on the safe list of medications that my OB gave me but I still worry.  I need some more relief.  If you have ANY homeopathic suggestions, I’m open to them.  The only thing that I don’t like and have tried in the past and didn’t work for me was the Neti Pot.  So many people recommend it but it makes me feel like I’m going to drown.  It’s a terrible feeling and I can’t bear to do it even if it means relief from allergies.

Allergies = BOO!

So, I apologize for the silence in commenting on your blogs and for not doing a better job of updating.  I think about it but I have little to no energy to do it.  I’ll try harder!  I promise my next post will be on a much happier and lighter note, which is what I’m feeling, if I remove allergies from the equation 🙂


4 thoughts on “Allergies

  1. I have terrible allergies, terrible, terrible terrible! Here in SF, you’re right they’re not really a problem but I have a trip to Eugene planned later this month and Eugene is awful for my allergies! I asked my midwives and they said Claritin was just fine to take while pregnant, and much better because it doesn’t make you drowsy like Benadryl.

    Unfortunately I’ve done my fair share of searching for the perfect homeopathic remedy and I’ve come up with absolutely nothing, nothing gives me even the slightest bit of relief and I always end up back at my tried and true Claritin-D.

    Best of luck searching for a homeopathic remedy but if not know that Claritin is safe!

  2. I have terrible allergies, I feel you. Lack of allergy pills is killing me. I used to live in Sacramento and they were awful so I’m grateful we live in sonoma now. But my favorite thing ever is sort of like a net I pot but not as bad is the nielmed sinus rinse. Its just a bottle and you can shoot it up your nose. I used to feel the drowning thing but figured out if I plug the opposite nostril (sorry, tmi?) while cleaning out the other it just goes straight through my throat and out my mouth. Its certainly not pretty but it is seriously so much help. I only wish I felt more comfortable using it in places besides my home.

    I also do acupuncture for my allergies which seems to help with my nose… but not other symptoms? Not sure what that’s all about. I hope for more rain for your sake 😦

  3. I’ve noticed that the allergies are super bad this year! Everyone I know is having trouble. I wish I had advice, but I have no clue. It really really stinks!! Hope you feel better.

  4. Allergies suck! When I had a sinus infection a couple of weeks ago, I used a saline spray, which has a similar effect to the neti pot (which I hate too), but doesn’t make you feel like you’re drowning. Also, inhaling steam works nicely!

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