Roo in Sin City!

We had a great time in Las Vegas.  It’s an interesting experience being in Sin City at 22 weeks of pregnancy.  Needless to say that I got a LOT of stares.  I’m assuming it was because a) I am visibly pregnant, b) I was looking exceptionally good this past weekend or c) I had something hanging off of my face that I was unaware of! 🙂

I felt bad for Little Roo because I, and therefore she, inhaled a LOT of smoky air.  The casinos are so bad and the air quality just sucks.  I promised her that I would only breathe clean air between now and when she is born.

I also got very little sleep.  I admit that I could have gone to bed earlier every night but it’s hard to in Las Vegas especially the last night there when our neighbors decided to have a party in their room from 2-5am.  I wanted to call them and ask why they were partying in their room when they have the Strip to visit and tons of nightclubs.  I don’t get it.

The conference that I supported was amazing.  There were 550 young adult cancer survivors there.  I am used to being around a lot of survivors because it is my work and my passion but this time it felt strange.  Cancer survivors face not only cancer but infertility.  I have to admit that I felt very awkward being there and being visibly pregnant.  I am not a cancer survivor.  I have the utmost respect for cancer survivors especially young adults…

It was nice to have MH go with me.  Even though I was working and didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him, it was nice that we could spend my downtime together.  We snuck in a little pool time, checked out some of the other casinos and had a lovely dinner at Bouchon in The Venetian.

It was amazing how many people bring babies and toddlers to Las Vegas.  I’m not judging.  Ok, I’m judging…but why bring such a small child to a place where it thrives off of alcohol, smoking, gambling and sex?  Yes, there are family-friendly activities to be found but for the most part this is an adult playground.  This trip was Roo’s first and last trip to Vegas as a little one.  We’ll take her back when she’s 21!  Though MH said that he doesn’t want to see his daughter dressed like a tramp as so many of the women we saw there.

I think we’ll stick to Disney – the true child’s playground 🙂

In baby-related news, I finished my registr(ies).  I’ll do a post this week about them and how I chose which items to put on them.

5 thoughts on “Roo in Sin City!

  1. I have a trip scheduled this coming weekend to Vegas for a girlfriend’s bachelorette party. The smokey casinos has been my biggest concern (and her friend’s emails describing the weekend to be a “shit show”) so I’ve decided to bail and just apologize profusely for being a terrible bridesmaid. I agree, not the place for children. I hope for many disneyland trips in our future!

  2. We did our IVF in Vegas and I thought the same thing about people there with little kids, why?? During our cycle we stayed on the strip because it was a great deal and provided some entertainment but it was still really weird being there and not drinking or going out dancing or anything. Vegas is definently best for non-pregnant adults…

  3. I’ve never been to Vegas though I’ve always wanted to go. It seems I’ll have to wait though–we’ll most likely be sticking to Disney too! Glad you had such a good time 🙂

  4. Wow, the conference sounds like a pretty amazing thing!
    Sounds like fun, although strange while pregnant! My friend just went to Vegas for a babymoon. 🙂 It’s neat that you baby can already say she’s gone to Vegas 😀

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