Baby Dreams While Pregnant

Up until last night, I’ve always dreamed of finding out the sex of Roo but wake up right before we find out.  Last night/early this morning, I finally had a dream with a conclusion.  I dreamed that we are having a girl!

In about two hours, we find out.  We’re going to have the tech write it on a piece of paper and put it into an envelope.  After, MH and I are going to Baby Gap, we’ll choose one baby boy outfit and one baby girl outfit and have the cashier look in the envelope, box up what we’re having and then wrap it.  (This is an idea, I “stole” from one of you and I can’t remember who now. Thank you to whoever you are 🙂

I’m so excited!!!

So, stay tuned.  I’ll let you all know what we’re having before the end of the day.

Any guesses from you all?!

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