This morning was our monthly appointment with the OB.  At 16 weeks, they also planned to take my blood for the next level of testing and that was interesting…but I’ll get to that in a minute.

MH was able to go with me – yay!  He hadn’t yet heard Roo’s heartbeat so it was nice he could go with me.  Also, I was feeling particularly anxious because it’s been a while since we’ve been able to confirm that everything is OK in there.  It didn’t help that I woke up early on Sunday morning (like 2am early) to some major pains in my belly.  They went away by the afternoon but there’s no reason for them.  Luckily today we confirmed that all is well in there!

Roo had a nice strong heartbeat and gave a little kick for us that we could hear through the doppler!  I can see why some of you girls buy dopplers for home.  It definitely gave me reassurance today.  MH really loved hearing his little baby’s heartbeat too!  His eyes lit up!

I only gained one pound since our last appointment but that’s not too surprising since I haven’t had much of an appetite at all over the past month.  My doctor isn’t concerned.  She said that my body will make up for it starting around 20 weeks.  However she said that it was OK to buy protein powder and add it to a shake or a smoothie once a day.  In general, she said that pregnant women need to only add 300 calories per day so it isn’t too many more each day.

Finally, I was supposed to get my blood drawn today for the next level in testing to make sure that Roo is perfectly healthy.  But the nurse wasn’t able to get any of my veins to cooperate.  She stuck me three different times.  I finally just asked her if I could come back tomorrow.  I couldn’t believe it!  That’s never happened to me.  My doctor dad would be so disappointed that she didn’t get me on the first stick.  After all the infertility testing that we’ve been through, needle sticks don’t bother me but three?!  Really?!  So, I’ll go back tomorrow and we’ll try again!

All in all, Roo seems fine.  I’m OK.  The doctor is pleased and so are we!

I can’t wait until our next ultrasound on March 12 when we find out the gender!!

7 thoughts on “Roo!

  1. Congrats!!! 16 weeks is huge,you are almost half way done! I remember when my husband heard our little guys heart beat for the first time he was soo excited. I also didn’t gain a ton of weight (I’m normally very petite), only 25lbs and my baby is super healthy so don’t put to much thought into it as long as you are eating healthy.

  2. Yay! That’s great that everything is going perfectly! I’ve heard of many ladies in your time frame that haven’t gained weight – it’s true, you will catch up. That’s sweet that he got to hear the HB 🙂 I hope they can get your blood drawn! That sucks!

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