Wanted to Be Team Green

Being team green would mean keeping Roo’s gender a surprise until the delivery room. I think the sex of a baby a secret is one of the last true surprises that we can have in life.

However, MH is steadfast on wanting to know if Roo will be a boy or a girl now. He offered to find out for himself and keep it a secret. Between the two of us, if anyone would be able to keep it a secret from the other, he would be the one. On the other hand, I would find out and an hour later would somehow manage to tell MH. I thought about agreeing to him finding out alone but I know that I would just so jealous that he knew that I’d break down and beg him to tell me. So, we agreed to find out for this one and IF (yes, that’s a BIG if) we have a second one we will be team green for our second.

I then decided that we would keep the gender between us but then I realized that there’s no way I could keep it a secret from my mom and then I would start to slip up with everyone else, so I think we’re just going to tell. It’s too hard! But, whether we share or not is definitely still up in the air.

We find out on March 12!

Did you find out or were you team green? If you did find out, would you keep it between you and your husband?

7 thoughts on “Wanted to Be Team Green

  1. We’re team green all the way. I was even trying to avoid heart rate info because out of all the old wives tales that one seems to be the most accurate. At our 18 week scan we’re going to TRY to shield our eyes if the little one spreads it’s legs just to avoid any speculation!

  2. We did not find out with our first but did with our second. You could also have the sonographer write it down on a paper and put it in an envelope if you want to wait a while to find out.

  3. I think keeping it a secret from family would have been too difficult (I’m terrible at keeping things like that a secret!) but we have decided to keep our names secret until they’re born. I almost blew that one today though lol… Let us know what you decide!!

  4. Hi! I’m here from IComLeavWe. Congrats on your pregnancy!! My hubby wanted to know what we were having. And I really wanted to know if my hunch was correct, so we found out with the LO I’m carrying right now (I was right, we should have a boy next month). I don’t know if I’d find out for the next one or not.

    The name on the other hand… I refuse to share names with people. We actually haven’t picked one yet. But I won’t even discuss our preferences with anyone other than Hubby!

  5. Hi! Visiting from ICLW! We did not find out what we were having…and if I get pregnant again I don’t think I ever will! I loved finding out that day of delivery..
    If I did find out though, I would want to do one of those gender reveal parties where they cut the cake and its blue/pink inside!

  6. Returning visit from ICLW 🙂 We were team green the first time around, but not by choice. The kid’s birth parents didn’t know his gender and there wasn’t time for an ultrasound to find out between when we met them and when he was born (less than a week). Must admit, I SOOOOO wanted to know. But I think it was mostly because I wanted a girl. So, when I saw pee arcing and nearly hitting the OB in the face after birthmom delivered, I was a bit disappointed for a moment, because girls just don’t do that.

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