Identified a Culprit

My acupuncturist suggested that I break temporarily from taking my prenatal vitamins and see what happens with the morning sickness symptoms.  I did for a little more than a week and in that week I’ve felt better than ever.  Then yesterday I took it and I felt terrible.  Using my (expert, of course) CSI skills, I deduct that my vitamins are making me sick.

Any suggestions on a prenatal vitamin that doesn’t cause or increase chance of morning sickness?

9 thoughts on “Identified a Culprit

  1. The only thing that helps me is taking them at night before bed. Not sure when you’re taking them now but if I take them in the morning or during the day they make me yack. Hope that helps!

  2. Agreed! I have taken my vitamin before bed for years now. Also, usually taking it on an empty stomach can make it worse so usually I take mine about an hour or so after dinner and have never had a problem after I do that. Glad you found an answer and hope you feel better soon!

  3. I started taking the Target brand gummies and it has helped me. They don’t have iron or calcium, but my RE said that was okay if I kept them down. I take a calcium chew as well and prescription folic acid/ vitamin B complex. Good luck!

  4. I like the Wal-mart brand of pre-natals. Can’t remember the name, but they are in a dark bottle with a yellow lid. They’ve never made me sick and I still take them now, four yrs since my daughter was born! I second taking them at night right after dinner.

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