Late: 13 weeks and xx day Update

I missed the weekly update, so I’ll pretend I didn’t miss it and post an update anyway.  The good news is that I’m starting to feel better.  I’m not 100% but because I’m starting to feel better I have more energy and I’m motivated to do more (e.g., cleaned the house for the first time since the end of December).  I also have been trying to be more social and my art class started.  I’m enjoying this “freedom!”

Roo is now (last week) the size of a peach:

I’m kind of curious: do “they” mean that Roo is the length and width of a peach or literally the entire size of a peach with circumference too?  I have to admit that if it is literally the size of a peach that it kind of freaks me out.  How is that possible?!  Because at 38 weeks than Roo is going to be the size of a pumpkin and I have no idea how a pumpkin is going to fit inside my petite body.  Agh!

In my 13th week, I officially wore my first pair of maternity pants – a pair of skinny cords from Gap.  They seriously were the MOST comfortable pair of pants that I’ve ever worn.  I still wear my Bella Band because I can’t just wear those pants but the band is not as comfortable as maternity pants.  Why don’t they make maternity pants for non-pregnant people?  They are so comfortable and convenient – especially when you have to pee REALLY quickly.  There are no zippers or buttons – just yank those pants down and go 🙂  I might have another “invention” styling designer maternity pants for the non-pregnant person (mens and womens).  LOL!

I bought a pair of designer maternity jeans.  I LOVE them but I’m having a very hard time justifying $200 for a pair of pants that I will only wear for the next six months.  Ladies, who’ve done this is it worth the extra $$$ or should I just to suck it up and wear a pair of ill-fitting, non-designer jeans for the next six months?  I love to look put together and the jeans that I got from the Gap are OK but don’t flatter my body as nicely as the designer pair that I bought.  My mind says to return those jeans and spend the money on other things like baby goods (I could get a crib for $200, right?!).  I can buy a pair of designer jeans after I give birth to pat myself on the back for a job well done!

The feedback on cloth diapering was so positive that I’m convinced that it is a path that we will take.  I found a local cloth diapering store that offers classes for $20 a person.  I’m going to attend and learn as much as I can and start to stock up!  I’m so excited.  Thank you all for your encouragement and feedback!

Symptoms: Slowly but surely the first trimester symptoms are lessening and going away but are being replaced by some new ones: constipation, insomnia (thanks for your tips)

Food aversions: Poultry and other meats remain high on the aversion list

Food cravings: A new one is candy – I was given a a Now and Later and for some reason I need to find more but no store sells them here – agh!

Mama’s physical changes: Nothing new but a more noticeable belly bump

Next milestone: OB appointment on February 21 (week 16); I can’t wait to feel Roo move inside me!

4 thoughts on “Late: 13 weeks and xx day Update

  1. I believe that, from now on, you’ll be placing your baby’s needs before your own. Which is the nature of things and it proves you have your priorities in the right place. But in the long run, $200 is nothing compared to all the money you will be spending from now on. Why don’t you let this be your last self-pampering before the serious baby-spending begins?

  2. I’m not one to spend $200 on a pair of jeans – more like $5 at a thrift store 😉 But I think if you’ll wear them, and they’ll make you feel good as you start to feel big, they’ll definitely be worth it for you.

  3. Hey Michelle!!
    I am soo excited for you that your in the second trimester. It’s such an amazing feeling being able to comfortably tell people your pregnant! Watch out for the headaches, drink a ton of water and take a tylonal if needed.
    I totally agree with your about maternity pants, it will be hard to give them up I LOVE mine. I have a cute pair of skinny jeans from motherhood maternity they are by Heidi klum called loved I think, I wear them almost everyday and they were $50. I wanted to be a cute prego lady and like you I am very petite height and weight wise, so I found those big flowy maternity shirts way to overwhelming for my frame. Def stick to the tighter shirts (which will show off that cute bump earlier!!) by the way I am actually typing this from my hospital bed while in labor. They induced me early (2 days so not really) because he’s just a little guy but ya soon enough you will be here waiting for your little one to arrive!!!

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