Am I Nuts to Think About….

Cloth diapering?!

MH is laughing at me.  He thinks that I need to back up and think about labor and delivery, the nursery or some of the other things before I start to think about diapers but I read something about cloth diapering and now I’m obsessed.

Is it nuts for me to think about cloth diapers?

There are two main reasons why I’m drawn to cloth diapers:

1) I love the fact that they are not as wasteful as disposable diapers, approximately 4,000 pounds of landfill waste per child during its lifetime of diaper use.

2) Many disposable diapers have chemicals in them and using cloth diapers would eliminate the chance of toxins getting near my baby’s bum.

There are also financial benefits to using cloth diapers.  It appears that you can save a lot of money in the long run by using cloth diapers.  Most of the expense is upfront when building up a cloth diaper stash.  If you have a second child, there is no upfront expense.  If you don’t have a second child, you can sell your stash and recoup some of the expense.

I’m kind of loving the idea but then I get overwhelmed with the idea of choosing which kind of cloth diaper to use.  If we do it, I want to use the most practical kind of cloth diaper – the one closest to disposable but without the disposable factor.  But, which one?  The All in Ones?  The prefolds and covers?  Pockets?  I’m soooo confused.

Apparently there are some cloth diaper classes “out there” that can help parents make a decision.  I need to find one of those classes and figure out what I’m really getting myself into if this is a path we take!

I have to admit that even thinking about cloth diapering makes me feel a little granola and crunchy.  MH thinks I’m getting a hippie. But, I’m not and truthfully there is nothing wrong with me being a little granola and thinking of the environment!  Are there other Audi driving, environmentally friendly thinking mommies out there who use and love cloth diapers?

Does anyone have any advice or recommendations on cloth diapering?

14 thoughts on “Am I Nuts to Think About….

  1. I don’t think your crazy for starting to think about cloth diapers. I understand where you’re coming from, but I thought I would just share my experience with cloth diapers. I recently babysat my boss’ 9 month old baby, and she uses the cloth diapers that have snaps and a big pad that snaps into the covers. I had just changed the baby, and had her in my lap to play peek-a-boo with her. After about 15 minutes of this I picked her up to play on the ground and noticed my pants were soaking wet. She had already wet through them and they leaked all over. For the amount of pads you have to do change, not to mention put through the washer, I don’t know if the costs even out or not. I guess it may depend on the type you use. It is a tough decision though and one you may have to think about for a while. My mother used cloth diapers, but she would throw them out like disposables. Now she’s the nutty one 😉

  2. Yes yes yes to cloth diapering!!! Its the best thing, I can totally send you a bunch of websites to look at as well as when I deliver my little boy (hopefully this week) Ivan let you know everything that worked and didnt work for me. My sister cloths my neice and has her in daycare, so she uses the easiest kind for that which turns out to be pockets. That’s the style I have as well. I can give you some different reasons to use all the different kinds but after a TON of research I liked pockets the best. You’re right about the upfront cost, I spent a lot up front ($700 which included 6 months of special detergent and cloth wipes) but you can spend less if you live in a bigger area or spend some time browsing used sites. Just let me know if you want my help and if you have any pregnancy questions. melody(dot)kulifaj(at)gmail(dot)come

  3. When I was going through IVF I did a ton of research on cloth diapers and was convinced they are the way to go. I dont think your crazy for thinking about it. Cloth diapers have come a long way and much easier to use. At least that is what I found out from my research. Not sure if I will ever get a chance to try them out. Good Luck

  4. I’ve only used cloth (covers and prefolds) and they’ve been absolutely wonderful; no leaks and not too much work. Just as long as you do your research and figure out what’s right for you, it’s so worth it in the long run!

  5. I don’t think you’re nuts. I’m not even pregnant (yet!) and I’ve tried to talk to my husband about them…who had the same reaction as yours, but he calls me a crazy hippie all the time anyway, so I’m used to it.

  6. I’ll be cloth diapering, so no you’re definitely not crazy! I haven’t got around to doing the research yet at only 12 weeks pregnant but I have several friends who cloth diaper and I plan on picking their brains about what brands they liked best as we get closer to my due date.

  7. I have been cloth diapering for 2 years now nd live it! I use 4 different types if diapers and love them each for different reasons. For night time I use Flips. They are easy to double and they NEVER leak! The down side is switching liners. My other favorites are bumGenius one size pockets and Apple Cheeks. I also have 2 Fuzzy Buns one size but for my heavy wetter they don’t even last an hour.

    I suggest checking out Jillian’s Closet because they do a trial program where you can test out different diapers.

  8. I don’t think you’re crazy at all! We’re planning to CD and my sister does and we’re not hippees at all! Its way cheeper and better for babies bum! My nephew is 1 and has never had diaper rash in his whole life! My sister uses BumGenius4.0 (with the snaps, velcro is bad and wears out) they are a pocket diaper and work amazing. They work from 8 lbs all the way to 2 years old. We plan to use disposable until he weighs 8 lbs because its convient when they’re tiny and using alot of diapers and pooping miconium which can stain the disposables. My sister has 24 diapers and they all look almost brand new after a whole year of use!

  9. Nope, not crazy. I’m a little behind you and already buying cd’s that I see on sale. I’m still learning also but I’ve been given the advice to buy a couple different brands to start and I’ll then find out what I like.

  10. Well I think it is great that you are thinking about diapering and all other normal things that motherhood will bring about. And I also think it is very thoughtful of you to be thinking of the environment and keeping the world clean for the next generation.

  11. I don’t think you’re crazy at all! I’m definitely planning on using CDs, though I am a bit overwhelmed by all the choices at this point. My husband is definitely on board, but I’m pretty sure our families think we’re nuts. I am probably the least crunchy person I know, so I think that’s what surprises people… Oh well. It just seems like the best option for us, for a number of different reasons! Good luck! Maybe we can give each other tips as we figure this whole thing out =)

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