Pregnancy Book Recommendations Needed

As we rapidly approach 10 weeks tomorrow and crawl closer to the second trimester, I am getting more and more comfortable with the idea that this pregnancy is a healthy one as far as I can tell.  Our NT ultrasound is scheduled for Mon., Jan 23 and once that is done and we hit 12 weeks, I’ll exhale.

I really want to start to read about pregnancy and childbirth.  Are there books that you can recommend?

I’m thinking of planning for natural childbirth.  My mom was a childbirth coach when I was really little.  I have vague memories of pregnant women and their SOs coming to our house for my mom to do childbirth classes.  At least one girlfriend of mine delivered both of her kids naturally.  And a second who was planning an epidural progressed through labor with her second baby so quickly that she didn’t get it.  She said that she recovered so much faster than with her first via c-section.

I have a very high tolerance for pain and it may or may not help but it gives me hope that I can make it through.  In fact, I walked on a broken foot and drove my stick shift car plus walked up and down three flights of stairs before I realized that there was something wrong.  Well, I knew that something was wrong but I wasn’t quite sure.  I called my parents and had my doctor dad look at my foot.  They told me to get to the emergency room as quickly as possible.   We “hung up” from Skype and almost immediately my cell phone rang.  It was my mom telling me to take a cab and not drive myself – LOL!  Not sure that any of this is telling of how I will tolerate a pain-medication free labor and delivery but I hope it means I can try for it at least!

So, any guidance is helpful for which pregnancy and childbirth books are the best for us to read is greatly appreciated.

9 thoughts on “Pregnancy Book Recommendations Needed

  1. I’m so excited you’re almost 10 weeks!! My reccomendation is to buy one pregnancy book (they’re basically all the same except What to expect when you’re expecting which sucks in my opinion) and to buy lots of books on parenting and babies first year. I read all kinds of pregnancy books until about 12 weeks and since then I just glance at them sometimes but I mostly want to read about baby! I actually have an iphone pregnancy app that I love too called ipregnancy deluxe.

  2. I have two, one for multiples and a general one called Great Expectations. I recommend that one because it gives good information about all aspects of pregnancy (including birth options) and also has a section about after the baby is born. So excited that you’re almost 10 weeks!

  3. I am planning a natural labour as well and I have been reading Ina May’s Guide to childbirth. The stories in the beginning are a little strange (the women are very granola if you know what I mean) but the whole idea is that we have to believe we can have a natural labour instead of going in thinking we are not strong enough.
    Also get the Birth Partner (I have read parts of it but its obviously for my husband)
    I have the what to expect book and its exactly as most people say, not very useful I have an app on my iphone called Baby Bump (cost I think 4.99) and I LOVE it. I have taken pictures of my belly starting from week 4 (I am now almost 36 weeks) and its such an awesome way to look back on your pregnancy.
    Your coming to the end of the 1st trimester!!! Good luck

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  5. I read A LOT…books, online, magazines, message boards etc. The books I like the best where the Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy (I have the raising a baby one but I never finished it as I went into labor while reading it) and Your Pregnancy Week by Week. I had others (including What to Expect and The Mayo Clinic) but everything there I could find online and from the wealth of knowledge in my due date message board group.

  6. I had a natural birth and took bradley classes and hired a doula. it helped me sooo much, and my husband loved the classes too because he felt it made the husband feel useful during a potentially stressful time.

    as for books, my favorite sleep book is “secrets of the baby whisperer”. i also echo “the mayo clinic” and “what to expect when you’re expecting”!

  7. I loved Ina May’s book, just to read some of the wonderful stories. They definitely are granola as pp said, but inspiring and heartening nonetheless. I also liked The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth. It’s also heavily pro-natural. I had a doula first time around, am definitely going to hire her back. She was key in helping both DH and I have a birth experience we remember with great joy. Think about getting a doula, unless your mom is willing to coach for you. It will let DH relax a little through the whole process too. Anyway. Congrats on 10 weeks! SO happy for you.

  8. I am so happy to hear about each passing day that you are carrying that precious little one! When I was pregnant albeit short, I was reading The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy. It was pretty comprehensive and easy to read. Best wishes!

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