9w4d Update

Getting through the next few weeks will be key to my happiness!  I’m just kidding – sort of.  As I wrote yesterday, I’ve been dealing with the blues.  It doesn’t help the blues of being completely in a new city with barely anyone I know plus being pregnant with symptoms that slow me down tremendously as well as a puppy who ties me to the house.  Wow – that sentence is written horribly but I’m too lazy and just don’t care to fix hit (lol).  I’m making a point of dragging myself out of the house every day at least once with the goal of twice to get fresh air, see something other than my puppy’s smelly face and the walls of our apartment and get to know our neighborhood a bit.

Yesterday I decided to check out the consignment store up the street to see if there were any maternity clothes.  I know it’s early but my belly bloat is so bad that I can see myself going into maternity clothes early just to make my belly feel more comfortable.  Right now I’m really hating anything tight around my belly.

Boy, I’m super negative these days.  I apologize and hope you can bear with me through this phase.  In my self-diagnosis, I’m slightly depressed.  I need to just ride this wave and take comfort in knowing that I’ll feel better very soon.  I hope that my hormones even out a bit too and help my mood improve.

The food item of the week at 9 weeks is an olive:

Symptoms: nausea, extreme fatigue, constipation

Food aversions: Still averse to Winston, which makes me sad and very frustrated as I want nothing to do with him and fear that this will last forever

Food cravings: Salty foods and broccoli

Mama’s physical changes: boobs growing faster and faster, serious belly bloat

Next milestone: NT scan sometime in the next two weeks

5 thoughts on “9w4d Update

  1. I hope you start feeling better soon. The blues after the holidays are very real to me- I can’t imagine throwing all the other factors in! And also I laughed at your comment about your puppy’s smelly face. I hope that aversion goes away soon!

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