8w6d Update

This week, MH and I were blessed to be able to see our little one’s heartbeat and one of his/her arms waving at us.  Knock wood – he/she is growing steadily and is thriving in my uterus.

Earlier this week, my OB asked us to determine if we would do NT screening around 12 weeks or not.  We have decided that we WILL do the screening as it is non-invasive and gives us another opportunity to see our little one.  If the tests come back positive for Down’s, we will have time to prepare for the possibility of living a life with a special needs child.  If the tests come back positive for more severe and life-threatening issues, we will take it one step at a time.  I’ve been lucky to have a friend who has a daughter with special needs.  She is a twin and her brother is 100% mentally and physically fine but she has many challenges.  She is the sweetest baby ever.  My friend is a pillar of strength and calm.  I’m sure she has her bad days and her struggles but I know that if she and her husband can handle it, MH and I could too.  I was able to introduce her to an amazing blogger, Kelle Hampton, at Enjoying the Small Things who has a daughter with Down’s and makes it seem so easy and “normal” to have a child with special needs.  You should check out her blog.

This weekend, MH and I will tell my parents via Skype that we don’t need to go to Oregon or Denver because we are expecting on our own.  I can’t wait to tell them!  I’m scared and nervous too because somehow I feel like it makes it more real but I’m excited to share this news with them.

At 8w6d, our little one is the size of a raspberry (though tomorrow, we hit the 9w mark):

Symptoms: nausea, extreme fatigue both of which knock me off my feet and I can hardly function

Food aversions: none but I’m Winston averse and can’t wait until I can bear to be close to him again – poor guy is so confused and sad

Food cravings: Salty foods and junk food for some odd reason since I really don’t eat junk food

Mama’s physical changes: boobs growing faster and faster, serious belly bloat

Next milestone: hitting the second trimester!

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