8w3ds Ultrasound Image

My MIL left this morning.  She was supposed to leave yesterday but there were flight delays and there was a great chance that she would miss her connection and have to stay overnight in a hotel.  She has early Alzheimer’s and we were concerned that there were too many possible confusions, so she stayed one more night with us.  We were so hoping that we would have yesterday to ourselves to process and talk about yesterday’s exciting events but we haven’t really been able to yet.  I can’t wait for MH to get home from work today!  After dropping her at the airport this morning, I went to acupuncture and then have been sleeping on the couch ever since…hoping that Winston stays on his own end of the sofa (hehe – poor guy).

So without further ado, here’s our little bean.  I think it looks kind of funny but I think he/she is stretched out instead of curled up – at least I hope so 🙂


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