Ultrasound Update

It was perfect! We saw our little bean move around, which I wasn’t expecting to be able to see (actually it just moved a little arm bud). And, we saw the heart beating away at 162 beats per minute. Our little gummi bear measured about 3 days behind but the OB says she’s sticking with my lmp and says that as long as the size is within four days plus or minus it is perfectly fine – so we’re sticking with 8w3ds.

I’m thrilled and have some pictures on a disk though I need to figure out how to blur out my name, etc. before posting one here. If anyone has photoshop and can help give a shout!!

So needless to say we are thrilled and so excited!!!

Now we need to think about NT screening and if we are going to test. Hmmmm lots to think about this week.

More later this week but in the meantime thanks for the good thoughts! It’s fun to be able to share with you all while MH and I keep this a secret from everyone else for now.


9 thoughts on “Ultrasound Update

  1. Yay! Congrats. Isn’t it an amazing feeling? I am personally glad I did the NT scan, but I certainly understand why people choose not to….

  2. Yay! Congrats on the healthy u/s! I don’t have photoshop but you can always simply crop out the top part. I have also messed with photos in Word or something simple like that, where you can just make a solid colored block to hide your info. Also, I don’t know if you have a Mac, but I have had one for years and recently found this “retouch” feature in my photo editor that softens and blurs stuff. Sorry I can’t be of more help in that department but I’m so happy for you that you got to see your little bean and that it’s healthy!

  3. Yea! Can’t wait to see the pics. I’m so happy for you guys! So exciting 🙂 And, I don’t think your doggy’s smell will make you ill forever. It will fade as your pregnancy moves along and after you have the baby, will be just a distant memory.

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