Taking It One Day at a Time

Writing through the nausea…thanks for the hints on how to try and manage it! I need to go to the store and stock up on candies, crackers, etc. I also need to find my sea bands. I’ll try those remedies before medication. Knock wood, I haven’t actually vomited yet…

In the meantime, I wonder at what point I will start to feel comfortable with being pregnant. I don’t mean physically. I’m ok with the symptoms as they are a “nice” reminder that I’m actually pregnant. I mean emotionally. When will I feel safe and secure?

I don’t want to read too much about pregnancy. I don’t want to even think about planning for anything or think about options (cloth vs disposable diapers, natural or epidural, etc.) for fear that I will start to think about, get excited and then find out something bad has happened.

I guess I’ll take it one day at a time.

Is ok not to plan now? It’s hard for me because I’m such a planner. I did buy a Bella band because my bloat baby is so bad in the evenings that all of my pants are very uncomfortable and if we go out at night I need something to help. I don’t know if it will actually help but I’m hoping!

Christmas is going to be so low key for us. I barely could get 20 holiday cards out. I know what I want to cook for dinner but getting to the store is a different challenge. I’m hoping that Friday will bring me lots of energy! Thank goodness for online shopping and a day of energy last week when I got everything done!

Wow I’m a negative nelly today. I need to suck it up! “They” aren’t kidding when they say you get hormonal during pregnancy. Sometimes I feel like a different person has taken over my body (ha ha, it actually is true!).

My little friend is sticking close which is nice!


5 thoughts on “Taking It One Day at a Time

  1. I never struggled with infertility and for that I am very grateful, however those feelings of worry that something might happen if you get to excited exist for women like me as well. The time honestly FLIES by, before you know it you will be 20 weeks and half way through. I started getting the nursery ready kind of early (at 20 weeks) and had my car seat and stroller ordered really early (it was on an insane sale). Just relax and and take it easy in the beginning. The tiredness and lack of sleep just starts back up again just when you think you are getting better (I am 33 weeks now and soooo tired and in need of a good nights sleep HA!)

    Good luck everything will be fine, try not to stress too much

  2. The worry will pass, when your baby is 40. 😉 You’re always going to worry as a mom. Congrats and I hope you keep feeling queezy as long as you need to feel reassured 🙂

  3. I wish I could say that at some point, you’ll stop worrying…but I’m not sure that’s true. At almost 19 weeks, I still feel terrified that I’m going to jinx something by getting “too excited” or “too comfortable.” That said, I do think it gets easier. Each doctor’s appointment is a little more reassuring, and each major milestone that I pass–whether real or in my head!–makes me feel just a little more confident. I would tell you not to stress, but since I can’t even take my own advice, I’ll just say this: Hang in there. Today you are pregnant, and other than fear, there is no real reason to think that tomorrow–or the next day, or the next day–you won’t be. I’m cheering for you!!

  4. Bella bands are great! I love them! The sick and tired are no fun but it is welcomed whole heartedly! I’m laying here sick but know I’d be freaking if I weren’t! You’re not negative, just scared. So am I. It’s understandable!

  5. A couple of things:
    1. You should definitely at least interview with that company, and then go from there. Don’t worry too much about it until you’ve got an offer on the table!
    2. It’s TOTALLY fine not to plan just yet for the baby. You’ve got time (though it will go fast). But, I wanted to share something I saw on tcoyf the other day. A woman posted about being pregnant after a loss, and she thought, “What would I tell this baby when it’s born? I didn’t love you at first, and tried not to think of you until I was sure you’d be here…?” Of course not. You love this baby already, let yourself do it and be happy for the moment. I know you don’t want to get your hopes too high. I really know that.
    Merry xmas to you!

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