To Work or Not To Work, That is the Question

For the past two years, I’ve been consulting on my own.  I’ve done well and I’ve struggled.  Right now, I’m struggling.  Two of my three clients are going away at the end of 2011.  I don’t have the energy to find new clients.  But I know that I need to do so and start looking now.

At the same time, I’ve been presented with an interesting chance to interview at a PR firm here in Seattle for a full-time position.  It would mean going back to the agency side and working in an office again.

I’m deeply intrigued by this opportunity.

But if we (this company and I) like each other and the offer from them is good enough ($$$$) a LOT would change in our lives.  I wouldn’t be home anymore.  I wouldn’t be able to make every dinner during the week and get all of our errands done, etc.  We would have a lot more disposable income but a lot less time to spend it.  My hours would probably go back to crazy and my stress levels would probably double or triple.

I’ve always dreamed of being a stay-at-home mom.  I currently am basically a stay-at-home wife with a part-time job but I’m bored, lonely and missing the collegial work environment of an office.  Eventually I would want to go back to work full-time and I don’t want to lose out on opportunities.  Am I being dumb by wanting this now of all times?  Will someone still want me in 3-4 years?  Or is now my only chance?


In other news, I was hit with nausea over the weekend.  If I don’t eat enough or early enough, my stomach starts to churn and I feel awful.  I basically have to eat almost constantly throughout the day in order to prevent it from hitting.  Argh!  I’m glad that I have yet another symptom but it’s not one that I’m enjoying very much!  Any tips on preventing or reducing nausea are greatly appreciated!

4 thoughts on “To Work or Not To Work, That is the Question

  1. There are anti nausea acupressure points points on the insides of your wrists. About two fingers down from the bottom of your palm, right between the two major tendons. There are these things called sea bands that put pressure there, or you can just press with a thumb or finger. I actually use my thumbnail, because my tendons are so close together that the sea bands don’t work well for me. Pressure there definitely reduces nausea within seconds.

    Here’s a wiki-how page about it:

  2. From 6-8 weeks I had it pretty bad, I only threw up twice but had to pretty much remain laying down at all times and couple only force down dry toast. I found that a little sugar really helped if I had to get anything done (like shower) So I kept jolly ranchers in the house and would suck on those a bit.

    My mom is a pediatric nurse and told me a little gravol is totally safe for pregnancy and if I needed it I could take 1/4 of a pill to take the edge off.

    Good luck, you’re still a little early for most pregnancy symptoms, but when they hit.. they hit HARD

  3. I don’t think it hurts to go the interview no matter what. You could always turn down an offer if you didn’t feel it was a good match or the timing was right, and you’d be making more of an informed choice. Just as an FYI (I actually didn’t know this until recently) the federal FMLA law only applies if you have been working with an employer for at least 12 months already at the time you need the leave, so they wouldn’t necessarily have to allow you up to 12 weeks unpaid for maternity. (I have a friend who is being burned by that law right now). Either way–i think it’s worth learning more about the opportunity. You might decide you want it, or you might get inspired to look for some more clients if the situation seems wrong.

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