Utter Exhaustion

It’s been quiet around here lately and I apologize.  As of Monday, I’ve been hit with complete exhaustion.  I’m not complaining as it is a reminder that I’m pregnant.  In fact, today I’m 6w6d along.  Farther than I’ve ever been pregnant before.  It is a true miracle, in my eyes.  I’m thrilled!

But, no one told me that exhaustion in pregnancy really takes it out of you.  Seriously, I can hardly function.  I’m lucky to work from home and part-time at that so I can take a nap when I need but if I were in an office I don’t know what I would do.  I’m also lucky because my husband is able to step in and take over for me on some of the areas that I’m falling down on such as making dinner.  He’s so sweet.

Yesterday, I took a nap at 4pm and didn’t get off the couch until MH came home from work and the grocery store at 7pm.  Then I was on the couch from 8 until MH woke me up to get into bed at 10pm.  It’s seriously insane.

Also, I seem to already have pregnancy brain or it might be the exhaustion but I can’t keep a thought in my head for more than five seconds and then its gone.  If I don’t get it out, it’s lost.  I am losing my mind and I love it 🙂

Do I worry that when I have my u/s on December 27 that there will be nothing there?  Yes.

Do I worry that I’m going to wake up one day and have spotting or bleeding?  Yes.

Am I dying to tell my parents, friends and family?  Yes.

Am I still filling in my chart on Fertility.Friend because I think I need to just in case?  Yes.

Pregnancy is a true lesson in patience – something that all good mothers have to have and I’m learning.  Slowly but sure, I’m learning.

3 thoughts on “Utter Exhaustion

  1. Being exhausted sucks. That has always been one of my early pregnancy symptoms, although I never got far enough along for it to get as dramatic as what you’re describing. I hear you on being greatfull for any symptom, however annoying it is. It can be just a little reassuring, even though nothing ever really quells the worrying.

    I really hope your next U/S shows a healthy, growing baby.

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