I’ve been nervous all along but today I’m more anxious than usual.  This afternoon, I had a terrible pain in my right side.  It felt hot – I had to double over because it hurt so much.  It was a quick pain but it happened.  I’m terrified that something awful has happened.

When TTC, I stopped doing pretty much everything because we thought it was impeding implantation, etc.  I went for a walk today – I regret it.  Pregnancy after unexplained infertility and after a loss SUCKS.

I’m terrified and avoiding Google like it’s the plague.

7 thoughts on “Nervous…

  1. Try not to worry yourself! As long as the pain isn’t accompanied by any bleeding/spotting, you’re golden. Keep taking the walks…keep doing what you’re doing…it’s going to be fine 🙂 Easier said than done, I know. HUG.

  2. try not to worry to much… when i was pregnant around week 6 i had some pains on one of my sides… i was starting to worry i had an ectopic pregnancy but everything turned out ok…. keep your chin up and stay positive. Enjoy being pregnant!

  3. I TOTALLY feel your pain. I went for a walk on the treadmill the other day and had more cramping all day and freaked myself out. Infertility makes us question everything, but we have to trust that if taking a walk ends the pregnancy, it wasn’t a healthy pregnancy to begin with! Some women run marathons while pregnant!! Totally feeling your pain though, and it is totally normal, so hang in there!

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