Consult with CCRM Done.

Well, my consult with Dr. G. went well.  He seemed very nice and down to earth.  In fact, there was so much small talk at the front end, I felt myself getting a little irritated and uncomfortable.  LOL.  Whatever.

I didn’t learn too much more than what I already know about myself and the IVF process.  I did learn more about CCRM’s process and also that he lumped me into a category of women who have a 65% success rate with a 30-40% twinning rate.  The actual success rate for me may change once they’ve seen me and done the test themselves.  I also learned that we could potentially get started right away – meaning as soon as I get my period (which I hope stays away because it would mean that I’m pregnant!) we would make arrangements to fly to CCRM and stay for two nights.

It was interesting that he went over the risks involved very carefully – both the risks to me and also to any resulting baby(ies).  None of the other doctors have done so with me.  They’re pretty scary though rare…

MH has no idea how our call went other than me sending him a text that it went well and was very interesting.  I know that based on the stats alone that he will want us to choose CCRM.  I’m probably pretty close to calling it CCRM too but I am pretty nervous about cycling so far away.  That’s pretty ridiculous, huh?

I’m also really anxious about flights, travel, how it all works, etc.  I need to let it go though, right?!

If you were me: would you go to CCRM or the other (for those of you newly following, the other is Oregon Reproductive Medicine in Portland) with also really great success rates but not as high as CCRM?


On the TWW front, I’m on CD25.  I continue to have wacky dreams, extreme exhaustion and tugging/pulling in my uterus/belly.  Would you test on or after Thanksgiving Day?  I’m usually a pretty regular 26-28 day cycle girl.  OR, would a digital test tell me the truth right now and you wouldn’t wait – you would test tomorrow morning?  If I’m not pregnant, I would get my period on Thanksgiving Day or on Friday.

What would you do?


Clearly, I’m incapable of making decisions on my own given this post.  LOL 🙂

15 thoughts on “Consult with CCRM Done.

  1. I say wait it out. Were you sure you even ovulated on day 14? It’s so hard to wait, and I honestly probably wouldn’t. But if you think you know when you ovulated, I would try to wait at least 12 days after that to test. Fingers crossed… and if it doesn’t work I think you have FANTASTIC options ahead of you.

    Logistics with CCRM will be kind of a pain, but holy crap those success rates are exciting. You’ll figure out the rest.

  2. I am anti-POAS…so I would say wait. As for clinic like ORM and CCRM I know they work with out of state patients all the time. I only know this from all the egg donation people I know and these are two of the clinics they are talking about also.

    Good Luck!

    ICLW #16

  3. I would hold off until Friday if you can. I really hope your period stays away too, but if it doesn’t, how exciting that you could start right away!

  4. I’m a bad influence – test! 🙂 Your symptoms sound promising. I’m really hoping for good news!
    My friend just did IVF in NY, and she lives in WV. She managed pretty well and had a great clinic to work with. Some of her monitoring was done locally. I think if you really like CCRM, go for it! I’ve heard good things about them.

  5. You might as well test rather than torturing yourself…that way you’ll have an answer at least for now.

    On C.CRM vs. O.RM, I would not let the travel consideration make the decision for you. You should choose on the basis of who you think the best doctor/clinic for you is. As someone traveling out of state to C.CRM, I can attest to the fact that the travel is manageable, even if it’s a bit of a pain.

    Best of luck, and I hope you get good news on your test!

  6. I have a friend who had success with ORM. Are you from Portland? I could connect you two if you want to hear more about her experience. She is currently going through IVFat ORM for baby #2. I see another RE in Portland and I highly recommend them, contact me if you want to talk about it more. That said, I hope you have a BFP and don’t need IVF!
    Happy ICLW!

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