Trying Hard Not to Obsess in the TWW

For some reason this cycle’s TWW is really hard.  Maybe they all are challenging and I block out each month how hard they are for me or maybe it is because of it being a 35 day cycle instead of the usual 27 day cycle I’m pretty certain that I was pregnant and it didn’t stick.  Regardless, I feel like this cycle’s TWW is impossibly difficult.

All of the symptoms that I was having continue: extreme exhaustion (I seriously could have slept all day yesterday if I didn’t want to see my husband); really vivid dreams (at least one but more often two a night); being continuously hungry and thirsty (I bought a pink BPA-free, plastic cup with a lid and straw to drink out of – MH wonders why I can’t drink out of a normal glass and come to think of it, I wonder that too); a weirdly stuffy nose.  I have a new “symptom” that I actually suspect could be related: my belly, uterus seems to be stretching.  I feel it more this cycle than others.  It could be gas or it could be cramps but I don’t think so.  It’s stranger than gas or cramps – it’s a feeling that I’m not used to but comes and goes throughout the day and has for the past two or three days.  Oddly enough, I felt it happen a lot during the night last night.

I realize that I could be jinxing myself but I also just feel that my body is different.  It’s like it’s really trying this cycle to make it happen.  And, I know that it can happen.  I have faith that whether it happens naturally or through IVF that we will have a baby in our arms – just hopefully sooner rather than later!


If you’re here from ICLW, welcome!  If you’re here just by chance, welcome too!  Here’s a brief look into our journey so far.

11 thoughts on “Trying Hard Not to Obsess in the TWW

  1. My fingers are crossed for you this cycle! When is your test date? Having never had a BFP, I can’t give much input into the symptoms, however, the stretching ute feeling certainly can’t be bad!

  2. Hi M! Stopping by from ICLW.

    I’m like Belle. I’ve never had a positive but I also obsess my symptoms during my 2WW. I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll receive an early Christmas present!

  3. Totally familiar with the obsession – drives you crazy. I hope you are right on the symptoms, that would be amazing. Either way, I hope you find out the answer soon enough so you can get a break (temporarily) from obsessing.
    Best of luck!

  4. I’m at the beginning of yet another TWW, and so far, I’ve been doing fine. Last time, however, I also drove myself crazy with all those “symptoms”. When I neared the end of my regular luteal phase, I was actually hoping for Aunt Flo to show up and get it over with, if she had to show up at all.
    I’m very much rooting for you to have real symptoms and get your BFP, though!

  5. Stopping by from ICLW! I’m excited to find out how your 2ww turns out! I always found that obsessing over symptoms made the time pass quicker…gotta have something to do 🙂

    ICLW #33

  6. HI from ICLW! I’m on 2DPO and going crazy, too…I wish we could all hang together for those 2WW. LOL. Good luck!

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