So over OPKs

This is the second month in a row that I’ve not ever gotten a positive OPK reading.  The tests that I have say that I can take them anytime of the day as long as I’ve held “it” for around four hours and take the test at the same time each day.  So, I’ve been taking them first thing in the morning.  All negative empty smiley faces.  Is it possible that even though I’m getting my period that I’m not ovulating at all?  I’ll keep taking it until I know for sure it’s too late for me to O and hope that I can figure this out…

I’m not temping right now because my sleep is so erratic, so I can’t confirm O that way….so I’ve been trying to read my fertility with my CM.   This cycle, I had EWCM on CDs 11 and 12 and then completely dried up – it is now CD15.  Luckily, we’re able to get some good baby making sessions in so I’m not too worried.  I am worried though why I’m not getting positive OPKs.

So, I might be over OPKs moving forward.  I’m just (not) secretly hoping that I can get pregnant again naturally before we move onto IVF.  I’m hopeful but won’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t happen.

I’m really ready for Nov. 22 to happen for our call with CCRM!

6 thoughts on “So over OPKs

  1. I do think you can have a period without ovulating (there’s a word for it – but I can’t remember what?) But I would be more concerned about why it’s happening regularly, if it is happening.

    I’m sorry lady- that’s just got to be frustrating!

  2. I think you are ovulating, but just missing it the surge…especially using the digital ones. I used the digital ones as well, and around the time of O, I would use them 2-3 times per day. Sometimes the surge doesn’t last long enough, so only testing once per day, you can miss it. I remember testing negative in the morning, testing positive at 11am, and negative again by 9pm that same night, so I would have missed it if I hadn’t tested multiple times per day. This same type of scenario happened to me multiple times. I would recommend testing at least twice per day if you can…if not more during peak times. Hope that helps! I do think you are still ovulating though if your cycles are remaining pretty much the same, so just keep BDing and you may still catch that eggie. Good luck!!

  3. I agree with the others. I think you probably missed your surge. Some people do better with different times of day. For me, my best OPKs are mid afternoon. It sounds like you probably ovulated if you had some EWCM. I’m glad you got in some good BD! 🙂 I would try to BD a little bit more just incase. Sometimes I ovulate when my CM dries up. Fingers crossed!

  4. I agree with some of the other posters about trying the OPKs twice a day before giving up on them completely. I read somewhere (but don’t remember where or how reliable a source it was) that around 4pm is the best time for an OPK. I hope that the wait until Nov. 22 isn’t too agonizing.

  5. I’m here to second…third…fourth these comments. I would always take 2 or 3 opk’s a day when I had ewcm, and results varied. I’ll also say that it seems like these digital opk’s have never worked for you very well…maybe it’s a brand thing? Can you go back to whatever you were using before? Lastly, you could just be ovulating late. I’ve had ewcm patches multiple times during a cycle. So keep an eye on CM as well. Good luck!

  6. I just came across your blog and was reading this… It is possible to have a period without ovulating its called anovulation. What i think is more likely is that your missing the spike…. The best times to catch your surge is between 10am and 5pm and taking 2 a day is best…. l have only ever used the dollar store ones and last month never saw a positive but i was only doing one a day… this month I started doing 2 a day (and with my schedule the only way i could do it was at 6am(when i woke) and 6pm) well friday morning it was negative, then I forgot to take it at 6pm so took it at 9pm (and forgot to look) then took one at 6 am this morning both 6am ones were negative but my 9pm one is positive… so we bd this morning… Good luck I hope you try again but try using them multiple times a day for the 5-7 days around when you should be ovulating.


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