It is something that I still have and something that I will hold onto until I bring a baby into our lives.  I’ve been sad, despondent, bewildered, depressed, angry, and so much more but I’ve never given up hope.

My birthday was wonderful.  This year, we aren’t exchanging gifts knowing that IVF is a HUGE expense but MH did take me out for a wonderful dinner on Saturday night.  We went to a restaurant called Dahlia Lounge.  It was delicious and romantic.  I indulged in gluten this weekend and enjoyed every moment of it!

I’m hopeful but not wishing to have a baby or at least one (or two) in my belly by the time I turn 37!!


I’m waiting to ovulate.  I’m on CD10.  I’m secretly implementing the sperm meets egg plan again this month.  I ordered digital OPKs and am waiting for them to be delivered.


On the gluten free front, I finished my two week trial and I’m not sure it told me much.  I stopped eating gluten and my hives disappeared.  I ate some while I was traveling for work and didn’t get any hives but I did get an upset stomach.  So, I’m not sure if I have a true gluten allergy.  I think that I’m going to continue to try and avoid gluten for the time being but eat it when I can’t avoid it and occasionally as a treat for myself.

5 thoughts on “Hope…

  1. Hives and rashes are really hard to pin down. If the gluten free diet is making you feel good overall I think it is a good idea to keep going, whether your hives are related to gluten or not, Good for you for daring to hope and not giving up.

  2. Sounds like gluten intolerance to me, which is also what I have. My body has definitely trained me not to cheat – the side effects just aren’t worth it. 🙂

    Glad your birthday was fun!

  3. I’m glad you had a nice birthday! I have a good feeling you’ll have a baby or two before next year!!
    Good luck this cycle – you know I’m still rooting for a natural BFP for you! 🙂
    That’s interesting about the gluten free diet. Even if you aren’t intolerant, it still should help your immune/inflammatory response when you get a BFP. 🙂

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