MH and I are ready for the next step.  We are just waiting (im)patiently for our phone consult with CCRM so that we can make a decision and get started on the IVF process.  We’re ready to be parents.  I see MH with our little Winston and he’s going to be an amazing daddy.  I’ve been treating Winston like a real baby and I know that I’ll be an amazing mommy.  We’re hoping and knowing that IVF will make our dreams come true.

While I don’t want to speed time up, I do want it to be Nov. 22 soon!

I’m on CD7 and am waiting for my digital OPKs to arrive from Amazon.  I’m using them again this month to confirm ovulation this month.  I got a new BBT thermometer but it’s hard to chart accurately because Winston wakes up at odd times through the night still, so I’m not charting with temps for now.


Sunday is my 36th birthday.  I feel like crying, Waaaah!  I want to be 26 not 36.  I wouldn’t turn back time though just for my ovaries because I wouldn’t be married to MH and I wouldn’t have had the incredible life that I have now.  I might be able to have a baby a lot easier but then again maybe not.  Sliding Doors, right?!

So instead of feeling sad about turning 36, I’ll celebrate it.  I’ll treat myself to a mani-pedi today.  I’ll pop the cork on the bottle of champagne my mom bought me while she was visiting and I’ll embrace 36 tightly knowing that with the help of IVF, I will become a mommy in my 36th year (or shortly after depending when my cycle starts). I’m staying positive 😉

5 thoughts on “Ready…

  1. I am anxious for you to get started, too!! It’s so hard to wait.
    Happy Birthday 🙂 I know the feeling of wanting to turn back time. I think your bday plans sound great!! And you WILL be a mommy soon!

  2. Enjoy your birthday!!! I often tell myself that if I had married the guy I was with when I was 26 I would be miserable. Since we cannot change the past, let’s enjoy the present and be happy for the future.

  3. I know exactly how agonizing it is to wait for appointments when you are ready to go. The same thing happened to me before I got started with C.CRM. But you’ll be surprised how quickly things move after that. Hang in there, and hope the time passes quickly!

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