Sitting on the kitchen floor…

Feeling sorry for myself.

My mom left and now I’m lonely. She drove me crazy while she was here and now I wish she were here with me again.

I’m sad because I’m not pregnant and two wonderful people I know just announced and I’m so happy for them but so sad for me…

I turn 36 on Sunday. I used to not worry about getting older and loved my birthday but this year I hate it.

I’m so worried about my new little Winston. What if I do something wrong and he gets hurt or sick? If I can’t keep a puppy than I definitely can’t have a baby.

Sometimes I feel like I’m being tested or cheated. Life isn’t fair. In so many ways my life is incredible. But in others, it is unfair. I am trying to focus on the incredible things.

So in about 5 minutes, I’ll end my pity party and pick myself off the kitchen floor and move along…

6 thoughts on “Sitting on the kitchen floor…

  1. I’m sorry girl 😦 we’re there with you, right there on that kitchen floor! First couple months with the puppy feels like a total test, we got one in July hoping to fulfill the need for a baby momentarily. Don’t worry I’m sure you’re doing great, as he starts to learn more and more and show you how your training is paying off you’ll be proud. Crappy thing is then you want a baby to give those good parenting skills to even more!

  2. Are kitchen floor pity parties any better than bathroom floor pity parties? Probably more tempting, given that the fridge is right there. I do hope you’ve picked yourself up and found the energy to keep going and be optimistic.

  3. I hate pity parties, but sometimes, they are just so necessary. I’m sorry you had to have one though, and I wish your birthday could be one that would bring you more joy.

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