Definitely NOT Pregnant…

As my period arrived this morning after spotting started yesterday.

I was officially on CD34 (usually my cycle is 27 days long) and so about seven days late – unless I ovulated really late.  Was I pregnant and it just didn’t burrow in?  Maybe.  I’d like to think I was even for a second because it actually brings a little comfort but I’ll never really know.  I wasn’t testing much and so I could have missed the day that I might’ve gotten a positive.  So we move onto a new cycle.

I had an incredible call with Dr. Barbieri at Oregon.  She was amazingly down to earth, honest and open.  After my call with her, I was ready to sign up.  If money was no object – which is not the case for us – she recommended one round of IUI with injectibles and then moving onto IVF.  But, I think we’re ready to move to IVF now.

That said, we want to do our consult with CCRM before deciding where to do IVF.  Realizing that the soonest IVF will happen is in January/February, we feel one or two more months won’t make a difference for us by waiting to do the consult with CCRM.  So for now, we wait, enjoy life a little and keep on trying naturally!


I’ve been having a great time with my mom.  She’s been spoiling us tremendously.  I haven’t made dinner or gone to the store the entire week.  She’s taken us out for meals, cleaned up after Winston, watched him so MH and I could sleep in this morning and just all around been amazing.  Oh, and she took me shopping for my birthday.  I got five new shirts/sweaters at Banana Republic and Anthropologie and a new jacket – things that I needed but didn’t buy for myself since we’re saving up for IVF and for a house down payment.  I love my mom and I’ll miss her when she’s gone.


Winston is growing each day.  He’s so adorable and finding himself – his voice (he barks every once in a while now) and is stronger now than ever.  It’s so fun.  I’ve got this super cute video of him but can’t figure out how to post it.  I’ll figure it out soon.

5 thoughts on “Definitely NOT Pregnant…

  1. I’m so sorry this cycle didn’t work. I’d support you in thinking that you might have been briefly pregnant. But either way, it’s still a disappointment. (((Hugs)))

  2. I’m sorry AF showed 😦 Maybe you were pregnant, because that is so unusual for you. I’m glad you can start fresh now. I’ll still be keeping my fingers crossed for a natural BFP for you. I’m anxious and excited to follow your IVF Journey! So glad you had such a nice time with your mom!

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