I’m a pretty regular, on-time kind of girl.  I’m almost never late for anything.  Ever.

In past cycles, I’ve been pretty regular with the latest ovulation being on CD16 – and that was when I was doing a medicated IUI cycle.  This current cycle seems to be completely wacky.  Yes, I started to take my OPKs late but that shouldn’t matter.  Unless temping is completely unreliable than I have yet to ovulate.  All of my OPKs have been negative though yesterday’s was the closest to the control line though not that dark.  Today’s was light again and my temp dropped again this morning.

Is an annovulatory cycle possible for the first time in my charting life?!  I’m scared!  What does this mean?  OK.  I’m not really scared but it makes me nervous that I have yet another “thing” to think about…

The strange thing is that I am getting really good fertility signs including abundant EWCM.  So, I’m totally confused.  Hopefully it is the stress of the move, etc. that is just delaying ovulation.

I also started taking TCM herbs again during this downtime between ART, so perhaps those herbs are also delaying it.  Sigh.

In the meantime, I’m dying over here because my hives are driving me nuts.  I’m convinced that I need to go gluten-free for a bit to see if I improve but it freaks me out.  I love me some gluten – pasta, bread, crackers, etc.  I’ll be so sad if I can’t eat those things.  Plus, MH hasn’t been very supportive of me going gluten-free.  He thinks that I’m just a nutcase and looking for any and all reasons to explain my infertility.  I can’t help it!  (Shoulder shrug).

If you’ve gone gluten free.  How did you do it?

5 thoughts on “Annovulatory?

  1. Slowly, go out and buy the staples first. Do you live near a whole foods? Try udi’s gluten free bread, it’s GREAT toasted. Then pick up some brown rice pasta and/or quinoa pasta. There’s some pretty good gluten free crackers too. Once I found my replacement bread and pasta I was alright with the change.Dairy was the REAL tough one so be grateful you don’t have to do that…. atleast not that you know yet? If there’s something you feel deprived of (that’s full of gluten) just ask, I’m sure we can figure out a delicious alternative. The company “udi’s” has lots of delicious alternatives.

  2. I’m a pretty irregular girl normally, so I can confirm that just about anything can throw off yor ovulation. You’re definitely under stress right now, so don’t fret. You know that EWCM is a good sign!

    And we’re all nutcases!!

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