Catching Up On Life

As of yesterday, we’ve been in Seattle for one week.  The past two weeks have been incredibly busy with moving and getting settled.  I tried to focus on those parts of my life rather than on fertility/infertility.  It helped all aspects of my life.  Nearly all of our boxes are unpacked, I caught up on client work that was barely managed while I was on the road and I’ve gotten to know our new city just a little bit more.  I can drive to our grocery store without getting lost 🙂

On the TTC front, there has been little progress.  MH and I have processed the news that I have highly elevated natural killer cells.  We were able to get our blood work done on the road to determine if I there are solely autoimmune issues or if there are more challenging (scary) alloimmune issues.  Right now, we are scheduled to get those results by phone on October 21.  I have to admit I’m scared sh*tless that those results will come back with really bad news.  I’m almost prepared for the worst news.  I try not to focus on it and instead focus on things that I have control of like finding a new acupuncturist, which I did!

I’m also doing a lot of research to see if there are any doctors in Seattle who believe in and treat autoimmune disorders.  If I can find someone here than I don’t have to travel to Las Vegas for treatment, which is costly, more stressful and would mean that MH and I would have to be apart for a significant period of time, which we both dislike.

If you know of a doctor or two who DO treat autoimmune disorders in Seattle, please contact me as soon as possible!

Yesterday, I had acupuncture from a new person.  She was quite lovely.  I think she’ll be fine.  My acupuncturist in San Francisco was amazing and so I think it will be hard to find someone who I like as much as she.  But, I think this woman will be great.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, my body is gearing up to ovulate.  I’ve forgotten to take OPKs this month so I’ll see if I remember to take one today.  I guess my heart isn’t quite into it since mentally I feel like even if I do conceive that my body will automatically attack it.  I need to start thinking positively.  Immediately.  My negative thoughts aren’t helpful right now.  It just upsets me to think that at the end of this cycle, my period will more than likely show up yet again.

Another goal of mine is to join an infertility support group.  Through Resolve, I was able to find one near here but not one directly in Seattle.  There is an option of starting a peer support group – Resolve supports you through the entire process.  I’m going to look into it.  That way I can kill two birds with one stone – find a support system as well as potentially make new friends 🙂

Even though we should be saving up for an IVF cycle in December – as that will most likely happen as the next step – I went on a shopping binge under the guise of buying things we “need” for our new apartment – a new coffee pot for MH (he broke his as he unpacked it), a SodaStream, which makes carbonated drinks – I’ll use it solely to make sparkling water, new decorations for our 2nd bathroom, etc.  Definitely some of these items we don’t need but it just gave me such pleasure to shop after months and months of NOT shopping.  I’m keeping it all, darn it!  It was the most therapeutic $300 that I’ve spent in a long time!

3 thoughts on “Catching Up On Life

  1. Keep it all and feel good when you see it!!

    I hope your fears of bad results are sorely disappointed.

    I’ve been considering starting a peer led support group here, but I think it’s another of those things I keep putting off ‘because I’ll get pregnant.’ I look forward to hearing about your experience if you go ahead with it!

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