December 5

Dr. Sher called me and luckily MH was home with me (packing) and could listen in to hear the results of my testing.  I have tested positive for activated Natural Killer Cells.  Which means that I could have either an autoimmune issue or an alloimmune issue.  Further testing is needed to determine which is the underlying cause.  I’m hopeful that it is an autoimmune issue and not an alloimmune issue as an autoimmune issue is more common and easier to treat.

He then went on to recommend that while both are treatable that because the treatments are harsh on the body that it is easiest and best (this is where I want a second opinion) to combine treatment with IVF.  My personal preference is to get the treatments and try naturally but I need to know if this is 1) possible and 2) worth it both financially and physically.  If the treatments are ridiculously expensive and if I’m trying naturally we may have to try for months than I’m all for going for IVF and getting it over in one or two shots.

That’s what Dr. Sher claims would get it done.  One or two cycles of IVF treatment combined with intralipid and steroid treatments.  If it is an autoimmune issue, he gives me an 80% chance of success with IVF.

While I need to do more research on Natural Killer Cells, treatments, autoimmune versus alloimmune, I have tentatively signed up for the December IVF cycle in Las Vegas starting on December 5.

So, I took our results as both positive positive (we have a reason for why I’m not getting pregnant and for our loss[s]) and positive negative (there is a need for more testing and while Dr. Sher originally said that IVF wasn’t needed on my first call with him, he now recommends it because of my border line DOR and to minimize my intake of steroids and the intralipid infusions).

I think that summarizes it.  (But, the movers arrive in 2 hours so I’m a little preoccupied). If something isn’t clear or you want further detail, let me know if the comments and I’ll try to reply over the next couple of days as we road trip to our new home in Seattle!

If you know more about ANY of this, please share with me!!  I could use your historical knowledge.


Oh, and my waking temp dropped to 97.8 this morning.  The b.itch is going to show up later today.  But, I expected it.  😦

It just means I can enjoy a glass of wine or two over dinner tonight with friends!

8 thoughts on “December 5

  1. Oh wow, I’m sorry sweetie. It’s good to have answers, but it’s very difficult at the same time. The good thing is, it’s treatable. But at the same time, it’s expensive to do IVF. I’ve been through IVF before, so if you need anything let me know. I think it’s good to move forward with this information sooner rather than later. Sending hugs and love. ❤

  2. I have immune issues – not sure why he considers the treatment hard on you – Intralipids are annoying, but it’s just the stuff they use to feed people in the hospital (egg based protein, 200calories per infusion). I’ve done it for all my IVF cycles (3 transfers, and 1 pre-cancellation on another cycle) and it’s totally not a big deal at all.

    Here in the Bay Area it’s $500-700 per infusion (higher at my clinic, less if I went to an infusion place).

    Good luck! Happy to answer questions.

  3. How tough to hear: At least they are optimistic. Hoping that your December cycle is a success and that they’re able to successful treat your immune issues.

    Life in the White house

  4. Hey there, I’m sorry for the frustrating news, although it is good to have answers. I know there are differing opinions on the immune stuff and Dr. Sher’s theories on it. I can just tell you that I have a friend that had two failed IVF cycles, one somewhere else and then one with Sher. Sher then tested for NK and she was found positive. They did intralipids and she is now pregnant with twins. So, it appears it works, at least for her. Some people will also tell you that he tells everyone they have NK. However, keep in mind that he is often seeing the toughest cases with multiple losses and failed cycles. I am currently a patient of his and am actually doing our frozen transfer Monday. He tested me for NK during our workup and I don’t have it so it’s not true that everyone he tests has it.

    I wish you the best of luck. If you do end up working with him, you will love him and the clinic. They are really fabulous.

  5. Seriously, she is doing the rounds I had a 4am wake up call of severe cramping, and now she is just making hy head throb while I wait for her to actually show up. Start a new quarter at school tomorrow and have to be there at 8 so I am really hoping we can get the worst cramping, nausea and sweats out of the way before then, but who knows if she is in fine form she might wait it out so I get now sleep tonight and have to drag my tired sweaty self to school with cramps in full swing. Wow that turned into a rant.
    Hope she is kind to you x


  6. I hate it when getting answers means having more questions. At least you have choices. Whatever path you choose, I hope it works and you finally get your wish without getting horribly in debt.

  7. I think the reason Dr. Sher said the treatments are hard on you is because of the steroids, the intralipids aren’t that bad at all, just take a little time and money. I am miserable on the steroids though! I’ve been on dexamethasone since the day I started lupron and will be on it until our 10 week ultrasound. It causes all kinds of symptoms and effects everyone differently (some people don’t mind it at all) but it is something you have to ween your body off of.

  8. I did the steroids and intralipids prior to out cycle with Sher. He gave us the same stats as well. Re3 only uses steroids and a baby aspirin. It’s hard getting multiple opinions bc they all have different ones!

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