The Thing About Temps…

My acupuncturist and so many others swear that high temps post ovulation can indicate pregnancy.  I disagree.  Almost every cycle, I have high temps during the luteal phase and since my pregnancy in December followed by its loss, I have never gotten a positive pregnancy test even with historically high temps.  Here’s a screen shot of my current cycle.  You can see that I have pretty high post-ovulation temperatures.

Well, it is a little hard to see my temps because the image is so small but this morning’s temp, the last on the right side, is 98.8.  That big temp dip around 6dpo(?), I usually don’t get a dip in my cycle but its an open circle because I woke up super early – so early that I couldn’t adjust it.

And, so you can see what a previous full cycle looks like, here’s my cycle from last month.  It was a medicated IUI cycle and I took progesterone after ovulation.

So, because of my history of high temps, I just can’t trust that mine are an indication of pregnancy.  Do you trust yours?


If you’re here because of ICLW, welcome!!  I look forward to reading your comments and reading about your journey on your blogs as well.

8 thoughts on “The Thing About Temps…

  1. I don’t trust my temps other than as a general guideline. I have severe insomnia and rarely sleep longer than two hours at a time, lying awake for sometimes an hour between sleep cycles. However, I keep charting because when I look at the big picture I can see the trends. When I did ovulate, I had high temps without a pregnancy. I think the main reason I keep charting is superstition. If I stop, that would mean I’m giving up.

  2. Well I don’t trust my temps in general, but it seems to me that taking progesterone mimics the symptoms of pregnancy in some cases.Could it also affect your temperatures?

  3. I don’t trust LP temps, in fact I usually give up temping from 4 dpo to 13 or 14 dpo. Every few cycles I’ll do the temping, just to see what my body is doing, but it generally looks the same. Though my temps never get up to 98.8, they would go up to 98.6 even on non-pg cycles, hover around there and then drop. Now that you know your cycle, think about putting the term away for a few days or a week during the LP.

  4. My temps are all over the board and are never a predictor of anything…so I don’t do them. For people with regular cycles, I think temping probably works well and I have several friends who have had success with it. But chances are, if you have been trying for a while (as most of us have)….I have no faith at all in temping (unless you just like taking your temp!). It is just a source of frustration for me!

  5. I was never good at temping. Never. You would not want to know what numbers I read off the thermometer in the first haze of morning, so I never went by that route.

    Sorry can’t help you on the temps.

    Anyways, I just can always wish you the very best for your TTC Pursuit.

    iclw #39

  6. I never did trust my temps either.

    But I am sending you tons of baby dust that your little dip was an implantation dip (it was around the right time)

    Happy ICLW!!

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