Still Here…

I’m back in SF and trying to wrap up everything – I can’t believe that the movers show up next Saturday.  MH and I are getting very excited about our new life in Seattle.  Planning and preparing for this move has been a very welcome distraction from the world of infertility and the dreaded TWW.

There is much else to think about than to obsess over symptoms, wait for the phone to ring with autoimmune test results from Dr. Sher, or cry over those close to me who are expecting their own little bundles of joy.  This move while very stressful is a very welcome change.  I haven’t spent as much time online or allowed myself to be sad or jealous of those pregnancies around me.  It is nice!

It is a distraction but I still think about it.  I wonder if all of the twinges, creamy CM and high temps are signs.  I know that they probably aren’t signs but how my body reacts usually during the LP.  The typical signs of PG don’t seem to be relevant for me.  Irritatingly…

So, I’m still here.  I’m still following your blogs but not having a lot of success or time to post many comments.  I’m thinking of you all!

3 thoughts on “Still Here…

  1. With a move like this in the works, I’m impressed you have time to write this! This would be about the time I fall to pieces because everything’s not perfectly ready days in advance. I hope it all runs smoothly and keeps you busy enough to not worry!

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