Hello from Seattle

Life is good.  I’m about 3/4 days post ovulation – depending on which you believe, TCOYF or Fertility Friend.  I had a positive OPK on Saturday and the first temp jump on Monday to 98.2 from 97.9.  For the past three days, my waking temp has been 98.8 or 98.7.  So, I’m not 100% sure when I ovulated.  TCOYF says I ovulated on Sunday and Fertility Friend says I ovulated on Monday.  I don’t know which to believe.

At 3-4 dpo, I have some minor symptoms.  It’s odd that I get more symptoms now than when I’m on progesterone – it kind of drives me a little nuts.  My n.ipples are very sensitive and my b.oobs are more tender than normal.  I can’t help but hope that these are real PG symptoms and not just super early PMS but the reality is that my body is clearly more wacky in the luteal phase than a normal person.  Was my body really like this pre-birth control pill during the luteal phase?  Or is it my advanced maternal fertile body screwing with me?

Hopefully the TWW will pass by quickly…

I arrived in Seattle yesterday around noon and saw several apartments and houses.  I saw even more today and we finally chose a two bedroom apartment in a nice part of town.  It isn’t our ideal location or home but the benefit is that we are able to sign a six month lease!!  We are also paying $500 less in rent a month than we currently are in San Francisco – I LOVE Seattle!  It means that I’ll probably be able to get the (fancier) car that I’ve been desiring – a more luxurious mommy-mobile and we can put a lot more away in savings to go towards a down payment for a new house.

I am eager for my test results to come back.  I know that it’ll take a few weeks – I just don’t know exactly how long.  I sent an email to Dr. Sher’s office notifying them that I did the blood work but I haven’t heard back – though I’m not surprised.  We shall see!

5 thoughts on “Hello from Seattle

  1. So, with IUI cycle you don’t know exactly when you ovulate? I’m sorry I honestly don’t know, have never done IUI. I looked at your TTC timeline, and this is your first IUI? My fingers are crossed for you!! Also congrats on the new apt! I’ve only been to Seattle once, but loved it! =)

    • Hi Tricia,

      Thanks for commenting! I had my first IUI two cycles ago followed by a second IUI – both resulting in BFNs. This cycle we’re trying naturally as we do testing for autoimmune issues. I should update my TTC timeline 🙂

  2. I’ve never been to Seattle but it seems like it has many advantages over SF. I don’t live in SF itself but it is still expensive to live in the Bay area. I think those OPK are more accurate in that they are really sensitive to a LH spike. It’s just my belief, I’m not a doctor or anything, but many factors influence your temperature in addition to an LH spike. I wish you luck with this cycle.

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